Marriage is a big life decision that you
should not make without a lot of thought
and reflection. To help you get started,
consider these 25 qualities of the person
you should marry.
1. They respect your beliefs and
The person you marry doesn’t have to
agree with you on every issue, but even
so, you must have a mutual respect for
each other’s core beliefs and values.
How could it be possible to keep on
loving a person you don’t respect? Spoiler
Alert: It’s not.
2. They help you grow as a
The person you marry should help you
evolve into a better version of yourself.
That doesn’t mean they should belittle
you with insults or tell you that you’re
not “good enough,” because positive
transformation cannot happen without
total acceptance of who you are; but your
partner should challenge you to step up
your game in every aspect of your life.
3. They trust you, and you trust
The person you marry shouldn’t be
snooping through your phone, private
messages, or browsing history. If they
are concerned about a specific issue,
they should confront you about it
without mincing words or sneaking
behind your back.
4. They love all of you (even the
flawed parts).
The person you marry should be in love
with you—not their idea of who they
think you should be. If they can’t accept
you without attempting to mold you into
another person, you would be wise to
look for love elsewhere.
5. They make you chuckle or
have giggle fits.
The person you marry should make you
feel happy and fulfilled, not sad and
stuck. You should be able to smile at each
other for no good reason (other than the
fact that you’re so happy to be together),
and you should have inside jokes that no
one else in your social circle “gets.”
6. They are okay with the
occasional night in.
The person you marry has every right to
expect the occasional date night, road-
trip, vacation, or adventure of their
choosing; however, they shouldn’t feel
like you always have to be doing
something in order to enjoy your time
together. They should be perfectly
content to snuggle up with you in bed
and enjoy a rare moment of silence
together, with no need for anything but
the feeling of peace and happiness that
comes with being wrapped up in your
7. They make time together a
The person you marry needs to make
time for you, because even the best
relationship cannot survive without
proper care and attention.
8. They have a life outside of
your relationship.
The person you marry shouldn’t expect
you to spend every waking moment with
them, because you have hopes and
dreams beyond the scope of your
relationship. And besides, two people
can only spend so much time together
before getting fed up with each other, so
a little bit of space will be good for both
of you.
9. They express why they
appreciate you.
The person you marry should make a
point of expressing why they appreciate
you, how they feel about you, and what
physical qualities about yourself that
they find attractive, handsome, sexy, or
hot. It’s easy to feel your partner doesn’t
care without the occasional compliment,
so make sure they truly appreciate the
role you play in the story that is their
10. They are willing to make
The person you marry shouldn’t be a
weak-willed pushover who bends to your
every whim, but that doesn’t mean they
get to be stubborn. It is rare that one half
of a couple is 100% right or wrong in
any given argument. The answer usually
lies somewhere in the middle. Your
partner should be willing to talk through
any given issue with you and make a
compromise that might not be exactly
what either of you want, but is
nonetheless fair to you both.
11. They respect your mom and
The person you marry doesn’t have to
enjoy spending time with your family
(just ask any married person you know
how they feel about their in-laws to
discover how unrealistic that idea is) , but
they should still have enough respect to
do so without complaint during the
holidays and special occasions that are
important to you.
12. They inspire your trust.
The person you marry should be a
person who you trust so much that you
feel like you could tell them anything. If
you feel like you must hide things about
your past or personality, this could be a
sign you’re dating the wrong person
by:Daniel Wallen

Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus
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