Wakawaka Buhari

Nigerians on twitter are reacting to President Buhari’s frequent foreign trips abroad. Though the Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, on Wednesday, said the frequent trips were to help correct Nigeria’s bad image in the International community, many Nigerians feel its unnecessary. See more of their reactions after the cut…
I don’t know why people are condemning Buhari when we all know the work of Fulani herds men” says anonymous.

@olodo #tweet#
when 1$= 400
£= 505
Buhari has travelled, wakawakabuhari
when mum said you should go and buy #50 bread bread only for you to get to the bread seller and find out it now #60
na wakawaka transform olajumoke from agege bread seller to first class model
# wakawakabuhari mean well for us o.
In UK Nigeria are criminal
Mr clueless ,now that you are in Egypt what would it be for us?#wakawakbuhari#
Don’t be surprised when Buhari goes to space to search for niaja missing satellite
when you hear 1$ =400
Buhari has travelled # wakawakabuhari#

Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus
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