We worked all day till dusk. mother went to the nearest river to take a bath after we were through with the day’s work while I sat down waiting and praying that the labourers we hired would show up, to at least help us carry the sack we packed the mangoes into. mother came back some minutes later looking refreshed, then we started packing our load,” we will not carry the mangoes home today, those unserious labourers would come carry it ” mother said. I was so happy we won’t have to carry them, since we’ve only eaten in the morning. I had no strength in me to carry any load. one of mother’s customer met us on the way home and he bought some plantains from us which got our load reduced. talking of plantain i.e food reminds me that tomorrow is children’s party in church and we were asked to contribute two hundred and fifty naria .I was still thinking of how to bring it up to mother when I heard her say ” Asake, is there no celebration for children tomorrow? ” there is ma”, I replied, “they asked us to bring two hundred and fifty naira”. “when were you planing to tell me?” mother asked.”am sorry ma” I said, ” well, I don’t have any money on me so u better stay at home, you don’t need to go for the party” I got so angry with mother that I replied without thinking , ” what about the one thousand I kept in your care? just give me out of it to pay for the celebration”. mother’s reply made me know she was angry also” calculate all the food you have being eating since your stupid father left us in the village, then you should remove it from your one thousand naria, you this stupid child of a foolish man, I never knew my father, I once heard from the village square that he was a rich professor who is presently living in the city with his new wife, I also heard mother left him because he is a chronic lover of achohol. I don’t really care; I have promised myself that I’ll stop staying with mother the very day I meet him. mother is so bitter that out of her four children, I am the only one living with her; the others left her because they couldn’t stand her. I myself is still with her because I’ve not had a chance of leaving.
to be continued.
WRITTEN BY: Mabaiku Pepere

Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus
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