Six Signs You Hate Yourself.

People who are hurt and depressed begin to hate themselves. Their minds aren’t calm and their emotions are all disturbed. A person who hates himself would never have confidence or positive thoughts. Negative thoughts surround their mind and they never think well about themselves. Here are 6 signs you hate yourself.
1. Taking the blame for everything and feeling guilty
If you hate yourself you would blame yourself for every bad thing that happens. Even if something bad happens to you or others you consider yourself responsible for it. Blaming yourself unnecessarily is wrong and develops guilt. All things are not in your control.
2. Feel worthless
If you think you don’t deserve anything good and you are not worth it, it shows that you hate yourself. You definitely will get something good because you deserve it. If you think your worthless and don’t deserve anything then you are pushing away the good that comes your way. It’s the worst thing that you can do to yourself.
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3. You often indulge in self criticism
If someone gives you constructive criticism or you want to improve your skills it’s good. But if you keep criticizing yourself and kill your self-esteem and confidence, you will never succeed. Even when someone gives you a genuine compliment, you brush it aside. This shows that you hate yourself because you are pulling yourself down.
4. You smother your dreams
Every person has dreams and aspirations in life. You work hard towards achieving them but when you hate yourself you start killing your dreams. You don’t work towards them, you make yourself suffer and end the desire to live those dreams.
5. You tend to regret your decisions
Whatever decisions you make, you need to stand by it. You cannot regret all the decisions you make because all of them cannot be wrong. Regretting your decisions always show that you hate yourself and don’t trust yourself enough.
6. You don’t believe in yourself
You have very low confidence level. You feel that you cannot achieve anything. You don’t set any goals for yourself because you do not think that you can ever reach them.
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