Is Ogbeni Rauf Aregbeshola working?

In case you don’t know, The West African Senior
School Certificate Examination has released its
chart for May/June 2015 exams.
WAEC. The Chart as obtained by PUNCH showed
the list of all the states and their positions.
See details of chart below:
Abia – 1st
Anambra – 2nd
Edo – 3rd
Rivers – 4th
Imo – 5th
Lagos – 6th
Bayelsa – 7th
Delta – 8th
Enugu -9th
Ebonyi – 10th
Ekiti – 11th
Kaduna – 12th
Ondo – 13th
Abuja – 14th
Kogi – 15th
Benue – 16th
Akwa Ibom – 17th
Kwara – 18th
Ogun – 19th
Cross River – 20th
Taraba – 21st
Plateau – 22nd
Nassarawa -23rd
Kano – 24th
Borno – 25th
Oyo – 26th
Niger – 27th
Adamawa -28th
Osun -29th
Sokoto – 30th
Bauchi – 31st
Kebbi – 32nd
Katsina – 33rd)
Gombe – 34th
Jigawa – 35th
Zamfara – 36th
Yobe – LAST
For your information, Osun State is number 29th
position on the list. Despite the billions of naira
been spent by Osun state Government on her
educational sector more than her contemporaries
in Southwest, yet Osun State educational sector
remain the worst in the history of Southwest in
Nigeria of today. In fact, despite the fact that Ekiti
state is been Govern by a “Danfo Governor” their
educational sector is far better when compare to
that Of Osun. Instead of Osun State Government
to Orchestrated and Formulated different
approaches and strategies inorder to rekindle,
restructure and re-engineered the worsening and
dying educational sector of the state, they kept
the real Priority aside and keep on Pursuing a
misplaced Priority in the Name of Hijab Crises.
In fact, imagine the likes of Bornu State, a
Bokoharam Controlled state leapfrog Osun state
according to Waec Rating?? This is just a
confirmation of the Fact that Osun Educational
sector has Collapsed.
In Conclusion, Can we say that this is the best
result we can derived from the Merging of Schools
and Construction on N250million Per Elementary
School and N750MILLION Per High School across
the state??
Controversially, we have much Osun state indigens working so hard to earn academic excellence in different state and I feel this is not about Ogbeni Aregbeshola alone… It about everyone in Osun state.
If much is give to us to be academically excellent, much should be expected of us, we should learn to work harder… This goes to all my brothers and sisters from the state of Osun.
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written by:Anonymous
Am Proudly omoluabi.
I rest my Case.

Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus
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