why you should not date a choleric

How to handle a choleric person…?? Help!
If you have ever done some psychology studies or done any personality test, I’m sure you have heard about different personality typology systems. The most famous is probably the Jung-Briggs Myers typology,
often used by HR professionals for specifying the right career path for someone. The most ancient one is, however, the 4 personality types, developed into a theory by Hippocrates. According to the predominant body fluids and governing elements, he set up 4 human temperaments: “ sanguine“, “choleric ” (the two extroverted types), “melancholic” and “phlegmatic” (the 2 introverted types). Find out your own type here.
Obviously, all the four types have their positive and negative traits, however, me, as a true sanguine character, of the 4 character types I find my fellow extroverted character, the choleric the most difficult to handle. This is the first time that a real choleric person emerged in my life, and I am totally perplexed about how to handle them.
Characterised by the element Fire, yellow bile as body fluid, the color fiery red and the characteristics of “Hot” and “Dry, the choleric person is highly unstable, hence can burst into flames any moment. They have a strong will and passion, extreme ambition in their profession and a keen intellect, never satisfied with the ordinary, but aspire the Great in everything… but what to do with their extreme impulsiveness, stubbornness, hard-headedness, domineering and controlling nature, vehement anger coming out of the blue, based on pure exaggerations?
In one moment you talk to them rationally, totally calmly, making short and longer term plans, and in the next moment they act
according to the sharp opposite, destroying everything fixed so far. Total unpredictability, and the day after the cycle starts again and their real self comes back again.
Clearly, with every person around we have to focus on and appreciate the virtues, accept them as they are, but the questions remain: is it ever possible to disregard furious outbursts when from one moment to the other someone turns into an intolerable monster, verbally offending you on a regular basis? Can you ever ignore it waiting a few days when he becomes his normal self? Is it possible to treat such a character flaw by any means? Can you ever live with a constant drama in your life? Well, life with such a friend/partner/family member would never be boring for sure and your life can easily turn into a battlefield, even if you are a totally well-balanced person, avoiding conflicts.
If you have ever met such a person, your experiences and hints are highly welcome.
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Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus
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