Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Stubborn Pimples

Hey guys, I am Temiloluwa Badmus. For the past five years I can say I have not had the reason to use chemicals for my facial treatment, it has always been natural home made remedy I used. I realized most of these chemicals we use do leave terrible effects on our skin after a long while and if you have noticed… They stop being effective after continuous use.
I will be discussing here, five natural ways you can get rid of those stubborn pimples.
1. The honey and Sugar solution.

Honey has a clarifying effect and this helps you to clarify the spots of your face.
Get a coverable container, pour little honey into it and add as much sugar as you would love to, stir vigorously… Then you can be sure this is ready for use, apply on your face for thirty minutes then wash with warm water. If your pimples are big, you can go for steaming instead of washing with warm water, steam with hot water.
2. The lemon and egg solution

Naturally if you are a dark skin person, I won’t advise you to use this because it has a toning effect. Get two lemon fruits, squeeze into a bottle, break an egg, beat the egg into mixed form, then mix them together and it is ready for use, make sure the solution is perfectly closed after use, it works with fermentation, the more fermented it is, the more effective it also is. The solution should be replaced after two weeks.
3. The water drinking solution

This remedy does not only Make the bacterial that causes pimples ineffective, it also helps your immune system, it makes you function more perfectly. Get two Glass cup of water as early as six am in the morning, squeeze a piece of lemon into the water, then drink and you can also rinse your face with little out of this solution.
4. Mashed fruit solution

Get two strand of banana, two pieces of lemon, little pieces of coconut, two piece of oranges.
Peel the orange and lemon, blend all the fruit together, put in a water bottle and you are ready to go, make sure this bottle is always covered because this also walks with fermentation, the more fermented it is the more effective.
5. The palm kernel solution


I kept this remedy for the last because it works for pimples that are not really serious, You should know those little pimples that comes up whenever ladies are about to welcome their August visitor… This remedy works for it.
Get a little palm kernel oil, rub on your face throughly and leave for as long as you want.
These home made remedies are very effective only if you prepare and apply them properly and are serious about it.

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Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus
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