Mind Blowing: The interview With KAYBABA.

Gimmehear: Good afternoon
KAYBABA : Afternoon
Gimmehear : Thank you for granting this interview, your consent is highly appreciated.
KAYBABA : U are welcome MA.
Gimmehear:Have been hearing the name Kaybaba, most time I wonder from what name it was drafted from?
KAYBABA : My full name is Ishola kayode Babatunde. So my first name and Middle name did d trick.
Gimmehear :
Humm… So who is Kaybaba?
KAYBABA: kaybaba is a socialite and media entrepreneur who believes in the power of the media and how it can reshape the world. I founded the blog….KAYBABA.COM.
And we now have up to eight persons on our team now.
Gimmehear:Can you tell us what motivated you to creating the blog KAYBABA.COM?
KAYBABA: In the year 2009, I started blogging, though then I was just doing freelance and moderating for some platforms. But I started developing passion for it, And in 2010 I became an admin for, then I got much experience and I met other young minds who are also bloggers. So I realise the importance of information and how it can aid our society. So I started my blog and decided to name it after
myself just for the passion.
Gimmehear :How has blogging been since then?
KAYBABA :it’s been fun, challenging, tasking and also rewarding.
Gimmehear: Apart from blogging, what are the other important things you do at your leisure time?
KAYBABA: I am a Web programmer, I am also an I.t consultant, I work for an I.t company based in Lagos and So I program/ design anytime I’m not blogging.
Gimmehear :So we can say you are a computerized person of our computer age
KAYBABA: Lol…. I.m still learning ooo, Not rily a geek.
Gimmehear : we will accept that as a yes because most genius rarely accept they are one.
Gimmehear : Some words reaching me that Kaybaba is a very humble person… Has someone ever told you that before now?
KAYBABA: Yeah. Some said I am humble while some are of the assertion that I am blunt, Too blunt.
And in our society, being blunt is usually mistaken for rudeness.
Gimmehear: And what Have you worked towards doing at that area?
KAYBABA:I always try to be as simple as possible, And try to be accommodative, But I will always stand for what is right.
Gimmehear: You got an award recently…. Can we know what the award was for?
KAYBABA:I got an award on Thursday and Friday, 19th and 20th of May,
I was awarded, the best blogger of the year at empire awards.And Blogger of the year at the Unilorin Student Union award.
Gimmehear: How was the feeling?
Would you like to share as you felt at the award
KAYBABA: I am really elated by that honour, And I dedicated that award to all the fans and lovers of the blog.
Gimmehear: Is there anyone out there you would love to appreciate specially?
KAYBABA:I will like to appreciate all fans of the blog. Those special people are those who made me. I wanna appreciate my family and above all, my God, who never for once gave up on me.
Gimmehear: Assuming we are to look for Kaybaba in school, what department is he from?
KAYBABA: I’m from the department of Microbiology, 300level.
Is Kaybaba in love, out of love or planing to be in love?
KAYBABA: I’m currently not in a relationship but might be when the lady ” eventually surfaces”
What word of advice do you have for your fans out there?
KAYBABA: Believe in your dream, Never make comprise.
Gimmehear:Being a politician in school… What would you love to say to people who hate politics?
KAYBABA:Politics can be defined by the people we have in it, Its no news that politicians are labelled as people who misrepresent the motives of people. But my stance is this, we can only redefine something if we participate in it, Rather than disliking politics or castigating those in power, I will advice we see that niche as a place which is meant for all. Not just for some people. Doing that we create a sense of belonging which in turn will change the ‘general’ public view of politics and politicians. It will ultimately sanitize and then motivate ‘everyone’ to be part of it.
Gimmehear:Thank you very for honoring this interview. Am sure a lot of your fans will be delighted with it.
KAYBABA:you are most welcome.
You can drop a word for Kaybaba if you are one of his fan, be sure he will read it.
I remain
Always giving people a listening ear

Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus
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  1. Kaybaba na u ooo,I love u bro,unilorin SU PRO awaits u bro.can wait to c u hold dat post for lifescience,MCB n d entire unilorite

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