The Mercy Aigbe Genetics project in Dubia _ African; Sickle Cell

Mercy Aigbe-Gentry, who was recently named Fashion Entrepreneur of the year 2015, is in double celebration as she was also unveiled on January 9, 2016, as the first ambassador of the DubaiAfrika SickleCell Project.
Organisers say, “DubaiAfrika platform is to reach out to people affected by the disorder, create awareness and educate the public on how to break the sickle cell circle, how to manage the crisis associated with the SCD and the importance of knowing your genotype before saying ‘I do’.”
Shedding light on the project, they recalled that in “April 3rd 2015, Moyo Adesanmi lost the battle to Sickle Cell after fighting the disorder for 28 years. There are lots of Sickle Cell warriors out there constantly fighting the Sickle cell disorder (SCD). Nigeria has the highest Number of people surviving from the Sickle Cell Anaemia disorder.
“We vow to love and care for sickle cell warriors, provide them with basic needs during crisis and educate them on how to properly manage their health. They say love conquers all, but not in this case. We encourage you to know your genotype before saying ‘I do’. Save the future. If you truly love each other; don’t get married or make babies if genotypes don’t tally. Thank you Mercy Aigbe-Gentry for associating with this project, we are looking forward to working with you and your platform on the DubaiAfrikaSickleCellProject to impact, love and care for sickle cell warriors.”
The organisers, in a statement revealed that the project is dedicated to the memory of Moyo Adesanmi and all sickle cell warriors, as a pet project of; Africa’s first online one destination travel portal.

Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus
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