Man Chop Off His Manhood And Wife’s breast

A man allegedly cut his wife’s breast on the eve of Valentine’s Day after accusing her of having an affair with his own brother. He then turned the knife on himself, chopped off his penis and threw it outside the house. This incident happened in Kiganjo village, Thika, Kenya.
The woman, Margaret Achieng (pictured speaking to journalists) is currently admitted at Thika Level Five Hospital. She told journalists that she realised her husband had chopped off his manhood after a neighbour had summoned the police.
The couple were rushed to the hospital where Ms Achieng was stitched. Her husband underwent a successful reconstruction surgery. Doctors at the hospital told journalists that the woman is in a stable condition but her husband’s condition will be reviewed after the surgery.
Source: Nairobi News

Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus
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