How to Make Someone Fall in
Love with You
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Sometimes we meet someone and we just
know: it’s love. However, it isn’t always
easy to see the wonderful qualities of the
people right there in front of us. Therefore,
it is good to know about some of the
strategies that can make it more likely that
someone will fall in love with you. Just
remember that there is no way to make
someone fall in love with you. All you can
do is try to create the right conditions and
see what happens.
Find someone that’s right for you.
Finding the right person will
increase your chances of being able to
fall in love, be loved, and stay in love.
The person you choose needs to be
ready for a serious relationship, able to
cope with the emotional stress of a
relationship, and compatible with you.
If the person does not meet these
requirements, then you will be wasting
your time and you may end up getting
hurt. [1]
Think about your compatibility: do
you enjoy the same things? Do you
have the same goals in life? People
that make good couples tend to be
kind of the same in terms of how
they handle drama and what they
prioritize in their life.
Set up a date. To set up a date,
don’t beat around the bush: be
straightforward and specific. Suggest a
concrete activity that is entertaining for
both of you and be honest about why
you want the person to come. Taking
control of the situation like this shows
that you are confident, which is an
admirable quality. [2]
Tell your special someone
something like, “Hey, I’d really like
to go to the zoo this weekend and I
would love it if you’d be my date.”
Be a great date. From the very first
date, you want to be someone
that’s fun to be around. Even before
your date you will want to create
opportunities to spend time together in
a way that shows just how wonderful
you are.
Choose date activities that will be
fun for both of you. If you don’t
know each other very well, choose
something that will give you and
your date something to talk about:
like a movie. If you do know each
other well, choose something that’s
outside the norm for both of you.
This may allow them to see you in
a new light
Try a thrilling date, such as an
action movie or a trip to an
amusement part. These activities
have been shown to increase
feelings of attraction between two
people. [3]
Method One of Six:
Beginning a Romance
Get to know the person better. The
first step in getting someone to love
you is to get to know the person better
and allowing the person to get to know
you. Getting to know someone takes
time and energy because you will have
to ask the right questions and listen
Ask about what your love interest
wanted to be as a child and what
he or she wants to do now. This
will tell you about the person’s
hopes and dreams, as well as other
things that he or she wants to get
out of life.
Ask about likes, dislikes, interests,
hobbies, and goals.
Share the person’s passions. Show
an interest in the things that your
love interest loves and learn to
appreciate the things that make him or
her happy. Don’t fake your interest
because people can often tell when you
are not really interested in something.
Try to experience the person’s interests
through his or her eyes and share in
that passion. This will give you
something to bond over and put you on
the path towards love. [4]
For example, if the person is a big
fan of a sport that you don’t know
much (or anything) about, ask him
or her to tell you more about it or
teach you how to play. Or, if the
person is really into a certain kind
of music, listen to a lot of that
music and find some songs that
you like too.
Treat the person like a hero. Make
your significant other feel like your
hero/heroine when they’re around you.
Let him or her help you with
schoolwork (to make him or her feel
smart), ask for personal advice (to make
him or her feel wise), and ask for help
or advice on subjects that are
particularly important to the person (to
give him or her a chance to demonstrate
expertise). Asking for clothing advice or
help reaching or opening containers are
also ways that you can make your
significant other feel useful and
capable. [5]
Create trust. Trust is an essential
component in a healthy, long-
lasting relationship. Learn to trust your
significant other and show that you
trust him or her with your words and
actions. Make sure that you show your
significant other that you are
trustworthy as well. [6]
If your significant other tells you a
secret, keep it. If you find out
something that embarrasses him or
her, don’t bring it up or tease him
or her about it.
Share your secrets with your
significant other and reveal parts
of yourself that no one else sees.
Allow yourself to be vulnerable
with your significant other and let
him or her comfort you.
Support your significant other
during difficult times. Offering
support is very important to creating
true love between two people. Most
people want to be in relationships to
begin with because they like having
someone to support them. If you can be
supportive and caring to your
significant other, this will go a long way
towards getting the person to fall in
love with you.[7]
Sometimes you can support
someone by offering to just listen
and provide physical comfort. But
other times, you may need to do
something more. For example, if
your significant other is struggling
in school, you may need to help
him or her study.

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