The prominent one is that of the girls, its very easy for a girl to have another boy friend because of the number of toasters she has but hard for a guy to just get another girl friend like that, mostly what makes a person double date in a relationship is because of insecurity, always scared he’s gonna break up with me or she’s gonna break up with me. When relationships get to this point the partners are already bored so they go out in search of another date or in the case of the girls when they are approached by other guys they give in easily, their relationship has no more spark and they trill they once felt no longer exist so they go into another secret relationship to balance the odds.
The girl might get another boy friend who has more money than her current boy friend, and that will be his work, she loves him because he provides him with material needs and the other might also function as a bull in bed, so she keeps the both of them because they serve different purposes.
Sometimes girls even triple date, others will keep as many as they can, now coming back to the guys, as a guy I told you earlier in my other outline, if you have been conversant with our articles, we are not always satisfied, we love to explore and consume everything up, we even talk about it boastfully among ourselves the numbers of girls we’ve dated and slept with.
Mind you a guy in a relationship that gets all he wants from a girl will never cheat on her or double date except if he doesn’t get those stuffs again you know now like the care, attention, no holding of hands, no night plays and roma…. You can finish that up, all we are saying is that when he’s starved of his rights as a guy in a relationship if those dividends are no longer forth coming.
If he complains that means he really loves you and doesn’t want to play a fast one on you but when he acts indifferently then you have to be scared my lady because he’ll begin to look else where and before you know it that other girl might just replace you permanently.
So when you discover as a guy or girl in a relationship that you no longer play your role, if you still value the relationship and you want it to work then you have to wake up and be the man she once love you for or the girl he was so proud of and had to introduce to he’s parents, or be ready to dance to which ever way the musics tunes to, be it blues or rock, the choice is all yours.
But I advice you that to lead a healthy relationship life you have no choice, you just have to act right at all times.
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Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus
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