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Faked death

Faked death is so known as pseudocide…a situation by which an individual leave an evidence to suggest their death.
People do this for different reasons like,trying to get money fraudulently from insurances company or trying to escape from penalty of a certain criminal offence committed by them.
People who committe such act usually go for the drowning method,because the method permits the absence of a dead body,and investigation are not really done on the death.
According to the world statistics,one quarter of suicides in San Francisco’s golden gate bridge in which body were not found might have been faked.
John stonehouse,an american politician once faked his death in order to escape financial difficulties,he left with his mistress and was later discovered in Australian.
Amir vehabovic ,a very successful american once faked his death to know which of his forty-five friends were real friends,only his mother attended his funeral and this made him… write letters to his forty-five friends,at least if people are not concern that he was dead…he needs to know their reaction about his been alive.
Most people who faked their death were caught causd of no proper planing…
To fake a death need to know which method to use
2.disappearing forever
3.since you will need money,you should withdraw much but not to heavy for suspicion
4.  Credit cards should left behind
5.All form of contacts should be demolished for tracking..
Speaking of truth…research has shown it that there’s ninety-nine percent of Tupac havinv faked his death…he might be somewhere around in Californian but in another person’s identity.
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faked death,Amir Vehabovic
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