Eight Beauty Tools you Shouldn’t be Without This Year

It is another amazing year and we all want to look our best again this year, even more than last year, because we are older, wiser and better, right? We have all heard that looking good is good business and this is even truer in this age when appearance is almost everything.
We all desire to look our best at all times but do you know that you do not have to carry a whole luggage-full of make up when you leave home everyday? Apart from the fact that this is stressful, it is very unnecessary, especially if you have already applied makeup before leaving home.
We would look at the essential beauty tools you need to be with at all time that would rescue you from a bad hair day or give you a quick skin fix. Check them out below and make adjustments where necessary:
(1) Tweezers: A pair of tweezers is essentially handy for plucking out excess hair around the eyebrows or nostrils. If you want to go somewhere in a hurry, tweezers can bail you out of trouble. A slim tweezer can tweeze or pluck fine hair around the eyebrow area and even the nostrils.
(2) Brushes (hair/face): Keep a good collection of brushes in your makeup purse. Highlighter brush helps to highlight your makeup. A flat brush can help to even out the makeup. Contour brush evens out the makeup if applied in a hurry. Also, keep an eyebrow brush in your makeup pouch for defining the look of your eyebrows. A hairbrush should always be present in said purse as well. Do we still need to remind ourselves to wash our brushes regularly to protect against bacteria build-up? I don’t think so.
(3) Cotton swabs: Removing your makeup or nail paint becomes easier with cotton swabs. Always keep some cotton swabs in your purse. Use it to even out your lipstick or dust excess powder off your face.
(4) Lip gloss/balm: A transparent lip balm or a lip-gloss should never be missing from your beauty toolbox. If you do not have the time to apply a perfect lipstick, apply a lip-gloss and you are good to go. A pink colored lip-gloss is a good go-to, as it always looks natural and effortless.
(5)Manicure set: If possible, keep a manicure kit in your beauty toolbox. Having a manicure kit will take care of your chipped nails. A nail clipper and filer should be there along with nail polish, especially a clear nail polish. All these things are even handy when you have to travel.
(6)Medicated face wipes: A good, natural face wipe takes care of your skin by making it healthy. It protects the skin from dust and pollution. Skin wipes also remove the dead skin cells from your skin, if used properly. Wipes with a good SPF will help to protect the skin from external sun damage.
(7)Bobby pins: Keep some bobby pins in your beauty toolbox. Bobby pins help to fix up your hair in no time. Make instant braids or any style with different bobby pins and you can switch your look from day to night.
(8)Perfume: Smelling good is very important and I know we shouldn’t forget that. After moving around in the hot sun or spending a tough day at work, apply liberally and transform your mood and overall appearance in a second.
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