Check What A University Of Ilorin Lecturer Has Turned Into

Here is the autobiography of a great unilorin lecturer who turned a hip_pop slash academics person of great knowledge.

Early Life
Abdulwaheed Omotayo, born in the 80’s into the humble family of Alhaji Isiaq. He lived is early childhood life in Oyo State, where he got a glimpse of the adorable Yoruba culture in it’s undiluted format, an ingredient which has always reflect in him throughout his sphere of life. Growing up took him through a journey into the midland, where he began his quest for the western knowledge (education).

Academic career
Abdulwaheed started his educational pursuit at the primary level when he joined sheik LGEA School before he proceeded to Government day secondary school obanisua airport, Ilorin Kwara State, he later joined Ilorin comprehensive high school (ICOHS), Ilorin where his prowess and love for sport earned him head of social activities. His display of discipline, composure and exhibition of a great leadership character was noticeable even by the school management where he won awards and recognition. He’s off the class talent, which reflects in his display on field of soccer play also earned him the captain slot of the school team. A remarkable character of Abdulwaheed Isiaq is the ability to function in diverse area with utmost effectiveness in all. Abdulwaheed Isiaq bagged is Bs.c at the prestigious university of ilorin , Ilorin Nigeria and his Ms.c at the same university having both degrees in political science. He’s currently a ph.d student of the department of political science in the same university. While in the university, the academic prowess of Omotayo continued in strength, he was a distinguished student senator and he engages in students and colleagues tutorials classes a feat which earned him the alias “THEORIST”.

Vocational career
“Theorist” as fondly called by students has always been an enterprising individual, even while he was an undergraduate student, his passion for impacting knowledge into another gave him a place at lumex international Ltd. where he lectured A level students, also Aodac college of advanced studies and many more. He wasn’t relenting in his pursuit for empowering individual in 2006 he co-founded. The best option Education learning scheme ltd. He authored the contemporary advanced government and politics(2006), Nigerian government and politics(2008), Nigeria and peace keeping process in Africa, the Darfur region of Sudan(2012), Resilience of Traditional Rulers, His works have appeared in reputable journals including international journal of politics and good governance (IJOPAG), among others. He is the director of studies, Lanko theory educational services ltd. And also a lecturer in the prestigious university of Ilorin, Ilorin Nigeria. He is a resource personnel researcher having gone to Kenya Ethiopia and Nairobi.
He was one of the inventors of educational learning Compact Discs (CD) in Nigeria that was widely circulated in Nigeria. He was also one of the directors of best option educational learning scheme limited.

The concern of the artist has always been on the emphasis that a lot of ideas, knowledge and secrets are always been embedded in the literature and that is why you always see the artist engaging in the literature at all time because he believed that it is only inside the book (literature) that secrets can be kept. Infact, one secret about the artist; THEORIST, is that anytime you want to keep something valuable and secret, keep it inside his book. So, it is on that note that when he was now researching on Fuji artist and Hip Hop artist; by discovering another topic that is “there is need for the applicability of education in the life of the general artist; either the Hip Hop artist or Fuji artist” so that education will reflect in the next generations in terms of gaining the industry rather than seeing themselves as been a dropout or seeing somebody that made it and happened to be better and seeing someone that made it and also from the education line.
While having education alongside with talent, then it is going to be more marvelous than who drop from education and exhibit talent alone. That has always been the concern of the artist. Not only that, the researcher now discovered that, when you are talking about education, there is nothing that can be used to substitute it; it cannot be substituted for anything. Therefore, it is not only about singing, it is not about being an artist, but applying education in all ramifications. The researcher believed that there is already a camp now that people want to make it through the industry without education, but this is another signal to the crop of people that they can make it through education and at the same time still fulfil their ambition of becoming an hip hop artist or fuji artist.
So therefore, it is that idea of his (Lanko – THEORIST) research that eventually now led him to identify the gap in the literature that in the whole of Africa and even world entirely that there has not been a serving lecturer and at the same time who happens to be an artist who can help to re-write the history. Therefore, today; the history has been re-written, the history has been broken, the message and the signal has been sent to the world that a lecturer for the first time in the history of Nigeria, Africa and the world became an HIP HOP ARTIST.

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