While he was a fluid he struggle hard to mix with a chromosome that makes him different …he actually occupies the position some other fluid occupies but the subject carrying him believes he is different because he’s an XY chromosome… Then when he’s been given birth to they expect him to grow up in few days because he carries an hetero chromosome??? He does not carry an excess DNA or RNA, so his response are meant to be active not passive. But we trained them to be a passive personnel, then we complain that the world is in ruin!who’s too be blame??
By the time he starts crawling they expect him to get up by himself when he falls… And when he’s trying to walk they don’t stretch hands towards him for help because they believe he’s an extra ordinary being from a different chromosomes.
When he grows up he gets hurt by people and decides never to act like he’s hurt, and this what he says ” have got to be a man”.
When he finally becomes a man society demands him to pay taxes out of the little earnings he earns, and if he’s responsible to some extent he gives to the poor out of that same little earning he has earned.
When it time to get married he’s the one who does ninety percent of the given , he sow the seed that becomes a child…and if he’s a man of great value, high intelligence and attitude he reproduce fruits of equal qualities that strengthens the society. But if he’s a man of opposite values he compounds to the problem we face in the world , and this is all our fault because it all started from us treating him like an adult while he was still a child. So how do we balance the equation
Then we push them hard because we believe they are men, they are men but they have feelings , they should be love because right from birth they have been fighting a war…they should be celebrated because they are object of great values, they add great values to the world if we all give them the right to be celebrated for been an hetero!.
I believe every man is a great value that should be nourished.
They don’t need to be hurt, we don’t need to push them to the wall.
They are men already …we don’t need to hurt them and teil them to be a man, our hurting them doesn’t make them feel they are men, it makes them feel they are people the society expects to hide their true feelings, it makes them feel they are people the opposite expects to act like they are better than the opposite sex. The fact that you hurt ,push and make them feel miserable than it makes them feel like a man…they feel all this pains too,it only makes them feels they need to be hard hearted.
They are men because their chromosome is not XX…it’s XY.
Not because they should be hurt or all responsibility should placed on them…though most responsibilities is there’s.
I celebrate all the men in the world.
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Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus
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