Baby farm hospital uncovered.

Police in India have reportedly uncovered an alleged ‘baby farm’ » which was allegedly being operated from a private hospital
The hospital was reportedly into selling and swapping ‘unwanted’ new-borns for the price of Rs 1 lakh each, which is about $1,000.
Most of the babies sold in this manner are usually those born out of rape or illicit relationships which had been delivered at the hospital and sold for adoption.
Times of India reports that, two new-borns have been rescued from the 30-bed, Palash Hospital in Gwalior’s Murar area of India.
An investigating officer speaking on the bust, said:
“When a girl or her parents approached them for termination of pregnancies, doctors at this hospital used to convince them assuring a safe and secret delivery. Once baby is delivered and mother gets discharged, hospital authorities start hunting for gullible couples who could buy them.”
The officer went on to reveal that, in one of the cases, the accused have also swapped a new born girl with a boy.
“A Gwalior based couple had two boys. They swapped one of their boys with a girl at this hospital.
The reports reveal that five people including the hospitals director, TK Gupta , manager and parents who bought babies from the hospital have now been arrested and booked.

Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus
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