A Tanzanian local woman transformed to a man, Pili Hussein, chose a life only a few will dare to live on the basis of survival in a capitalist society.

Pili walked away from her marriage due to domestic violence but made a strong conviction to show strength in the den of men.

For a decade, Pili acted as Uncle Hussein in a bid to make a fortune from mining stone; a handiwork restricted to the male specie for its strenuousness. Justifying her chosen lifestyle, she said: “My father treated me like a boy and I was given livestock to take care of – I didn’t like that life at all.“

While Pili chose to be a man for survival, we earlier reported Nollywood actor, IK Ogbonna whose desire to appear as a woman was for a scene in his latest movie, titled Disguise.

Pili Hussein vs Uncle Hussein

Uncle Hussein could have remained a man for another decade, if given the chance but controversy struck and the cat had to be let out of the bag.

According to reports, Pili honed her relentlessness to mining. She said: “Women were not allowed in the mining area, so I entered bravely like a man, like a strong person. You take big trousers, you cut them into shorts and you appear like a man. That’s what I did.”

“I acted like a gorilla – I could fight, my language was bad, I could carry a big knife. I was called Uncle Hussein, I didn’t tell anyone my actual name was Pili. Even today if you come to the camp you ask for me by that name, Uncle Hussein.”

“I could go 600m under, into the mine. I would do this more bravely than many other men. I was very strong and I was able to deliver what men would expect another man could do.”

Pili Hussein

Pili’s money-making scheme went sour when a local woman accused the miners of r*pe and the men pointed to Uncle Hussein as the suspect. “When the police came, the men who did the r*pe said: ‘This is the man who did it,’ and I was taken to the police station,” Pili said

At the station, she had no choice but to reveal her well-kept secret to prove her innocence. Her colleagues never believed until she got married in 2001.

Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus
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