Woman Disown Daughter For Attempting To Continue Schooling.

Am a university student , got admission to study a very lucrative course in the university two years ago, since then it has been a thorns in my flesh, I worked so hard all through my first year, I couldn’t cross with a four point due to all the stress I was going through.
After attending lecture each day I leave school to do some odd work in order to earn transport fare for the next day, I was not even having a house to stay: I scout with some friends and it gets so hurtful at times, they treated me so bad and made me awful about myself, but the worst happens some few months ago when I had a talk with my mother about my second year in school and she bursted into plenty complains of how she has nothing to use to support me, she even suggested me quitting school but the whole talk got so hard I made her realised I felt very bad for having her as a mother.
This is lead to her saying
She doesn’t want to be my mother any more.
I left to go back to school that day and since then she hasn’t called to even check on me( which if I calculated correctly is up to five months now). I guess she really meant the disowning issue, just yesterday a family uncle who has been helping me with school fees and other expenditures asked of her and I explained all that happened. He asked me to call her and even send me the credit to use to call her but I just don’t have the heart to call her, not because am scared of her or something but I feel she isn’t a good mother and she doesn’t deserve !my call.
What do you guys think…I need your advice. What keeps bordering me was if I had accident while travelling back so she won’t have called to check on me whether I got home safely or not… What kind of a mother does that?

Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus
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