In few year’s time, some of us would be doctors, scientists, owners of big companies. Some would be great musicians, popular artists. Some would even go as far as becoming men and women of God ,
saving people’s soul but the question is what will what you have done today say about what you will become tomorrow.
Meet our newly found talent.
Akorede O. kugbiyi.
He is a young and talented guy. I know him to be a world changer, putting smile on faces of people he would hardly get to recieve compliments from. He is the president of the Junior chamber international. (JCI) unilorin chapter.

Here is a few things out of the numerous things they have been up to.
The Street Edu Project is an initiative of Junior Chamber International University of Ilorin in partnership with HSKI (Home Street Kids Initiative) an NGO based in Kwara State.

We have been observing these kids at Tipper Garage area , they usually beg for food and for money. We came up with an initiative to get them loving Education. For the next 3 months we would be teaching them and educating them, in hopes that their orientation would change . Korede 20170128_123529IMG-20170128-WA0001IMG-20170128-WA0004IMG-20170128-WA0002
By May 2017, we would be working with individuals to get them in to a proper school.
We are not stopping there. We would also be launching a skill acquisition program for their parents also.. we also want to empower them

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