I watched October first 1960 this morning “This is what I feel and know after watching ” only an incomplete imbecile person makes other people pay for the hurt that was inflected on them by people they gain little or nothing from!
Such people if possible should be find and terminated from the surface of the earth, because with people like that every dreams will be killed by people who are too weak to fight their hurt and this will increases the number of hurt people in the world .thereby making Nigeria a country full of people who are not ready for peace but humans who wants others to feel their pain by inflecting pains on people who are vulnerable to them,
Why are you a Nigerian if all you do is hurt others because you have been hurt by someone who has been hurt?
Why would you want to increase the number of people with heavy heart in the country by not coming out of your miseries??!
Why would you want to people to nurture the pain you feel and it never leaves you???! Why would you look to heaven and make a nation in pain because you were once a victim?
Everyone has once been a victim to one pain or the other..
” I say this in no reference to any man or woman!!any person who inflects pain on other just for them to feel the pain he feels is nothing but an incomplete imbecile!
I stand against hurting people because you are hurt!
I stand against violating people because you had been violated!!
I stand against a country who has gain independence but is living in pain under the bad influence of corrupted men and women occupying it!
I stand against people who wants other to be pained because they pained!!!
I stand against anyone making Nigeria a painful land!
I wish and stand with nothing else,but men and women of great integrity !
Am a Nigeria!! Speaking for Nigeria!
God bless my country Naija!!
Am more blessed to be a Nigeria!!!


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