They were once people living within the masses, they hated the way we were being ruled, when they were asked the question of what will you do if you ever get to that position of luxury????.
At least ninety percent had said they will do the same thing the failed present acting personnel had done..you can’t imagine what that is?embezzling our rights.
We all live in the region of they had done much destruction to the land than we can redeem… We would rather join them because we don’t want to clean someone else’s mistakes, we rather create ours.
We live in the planet where everyone wants to rule with their principle of life…and we keeping ruling without thinking twice.
Some principles are hard and too strong to break…any one who breaks them will need to be bent… But we made it bendable.
From the moment when we decided to keep mum’s change when they send us on an errand to the moment when we keep a part of our salary in order to debar our loved one from knowing the true value…the only game we are playing is politics …but we would rather say the politician are the one who plays the dirty game…
Well we are all dirty people playing dirty game one way or the other…
U remember that time you ought to have returned someone’s property then you forget …but days later u just felt u shouldn’t return it anymore…it also a dirty game …meant for the politician to play?
The masses of yesterday who felt their right were been obligated by a politician of today are the politician who will make life unbearable for the Masses of tomorrow.
Probably tomorrow might bring a leader who will speak for the nation, act for the masses and take decision with us. But how can we help the one who is ready to make a change when we are all corrupted with the evil we once hated…a man might hate evil and yet his hatred for evil doesn’t stop him from doing it.
We are all player in the game , we all play politics somehow ,someway but those who play with intense motive are the one who get to be the fastest player to get the Mandel and occupy the hot seat.
Can we all play the game right because of the one yet to be born???
Can we play a fearful game because we need a peaceful nation???
God bless all politicians …I meant God bless us all.
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