So I have heard, read and find myself in some unhealthy discussion of how men are never faithful, or ever gonna be faithful, there is no faithful man?
but the truth is a lot of women out there in the world gives all these men the reasons not to be faithful, and to the men, I’m not taking sides with you. I just want the women happy and in wanting them happy, I must tell them the truth.
In my article today, I will be discussing five ways every woman can make their man faithful and should a situation he couldn’t handle come his way and he cheated, if you often do these five things, he will tell you the truth ,then you can both work over it. Men are good being, the only thing is the other being has to be diplomatic to get the tamed being in them out.

1. Build yourself.

I have read books, heard stories on how every woman has this certain perfect man they want, let me ask you a question here, what if the man life will make you fall in love is not perfect yet when you meet him? What of if it’s something you have learnt or achieved that will push the trigger in him to be that perfect man you want. You can’t just sit down there, go to school and do the normal random things! Every body is doing that, you have got to build yourself, read books, get familiar with people who have success marriages. I have friends who are older than me as people I learnt from before I got into a relationship, I have both male and female so I knew things I was supposed to do to keep my man glued to my side and I’m still learning and open to learn. My point is ” no man wants to stay glue to a woman who is nothing, love won’t last forever, commitment will and you have to build yourself before a person can decide to commit their whole lives to you… We are talking about a whole live time here! So for him to be faithful, you have to build yourselves to be better than those ladies with curves out there, if not you will end up saying “Men are not faithful “.

2. Treat him like a baby.

Let me share the very bitter truth only few ladies know ” Men are spoilt brat, right from when they were born” that ego is always there, while he is still a baby, mum and daddy will teach him to know a way to take responsibilities but they teach we ladies to be responsible and take responsibilities. You have to be his second mother, but in a more mature way; this can only happen when you listen to him… Even when he is saying rubbish, I know guys can be frustrating sometimes but you have got to listen if you need him to be faithful to you. You can tell him your opinion after you have given him all your attention. I found out marriage was better in the olden days with our parent because they do this, the only problem I have with them was there husband were just their father and were never treated as their baby which takes me to my next point.

3. Treat him as your baby.

If you build yourself to be a good and highly achieving woman, you listen to him always and then make your point know after he has gotten your whole attention and you treat him as your baby, trust me he will be faithful, except you are dating a boy or a demonic being, that reminds me. Please if you are dating a boy, you can not practice this principles on him because he is still a boy not a man.
You have got to treat him like a baby, because all men are babies, no mater how old they are. Babies always want things for themselves first, men do the same, babies loves attention, a lot of men do bit they will never show it, babies do not like people who have not gain their trust playing rough play with them so do men. You can not keep your baby in another woman’s house for getting attention from them, if you baby doesn’t have a good relationship with you, he or she won’t tell you “Mummy this person bought me some ice cream when you weren’t around ” if your man doesn’t see the value in you or know that you place that much value on him, he will keep it to himself whenever he fails from being faithful, the first time might be a fall to temptation before subsequent time is as a result of the woman not developing what it takes to keep the man from falling again or the inability to the man to tell the truth.

4. Pray for him.

I have this other friend, who always call her man every morning to speak into his life, she would tell him that things will work out great every morning, these builds good relationship and good spirit between both people in relationships and one major thing it builds is ” the man will know if you can stand for and it’s being answered, the moment you stand against him it will definitely get answers “. The first thing every woman should know how to do is pray, not because you are trying to help God or something, but because you need to be able to fight your battles without having to get bruises from every other woman that might want to destroy your relationships.

5. Make friends with his friends and family.

I know our parents once told us when we were growing to respect our in laws and friends of our man… But I say makes friends with them, you have got to be friends with someone before they can stand for you, you can respect me and I might not be able to stand for you in anything raised against you, I will say ” And she is a respectful person ” that will be all I know about you, but if you are my friend, I will tell people that ” No she Won’t do that, I will say I know what she can do and if she did that thing, there must be an explanation ” that is because you are my friend, you need to keep friends with family and friends of the man you love, not only respect them. Our parent if you noticed, respected their husband’s friends not make themselves their friends. It is easier to fight the battle of your man not being faithful if you are friends with his family and friends. Those are the people he loves, and once they admire you so much that they can’t afford you getting hurt by him, he is ten percent faithful, the remaining ninety can be worked upon by God and yourself.

Written by :
Temi Badmus

Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus is a Food scientist and an Art enthusiast. Her desire is to give a listening ear to people and to give an opportunity for everyone to be heard. Has any one told you that you are special? Yes, you are. You were beautifully designed, you are relevant to this generation and very special to me. Connect with me on LinkedIn


  1. Well your statement in quotation marks from point no. 2 is a little harsh. Not all are completely spoilt.
    E.g “All ladies that wear body hugs are sluts”. No lady out there will agree to this.
    Anyways, Points no. 1, 4, 5 are dope.

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