While the government is right on the move, tampering with people’s right just in other to satisfy their selfish desire, a lot of crucial things that should have being dealt with in a good point and adequate manners are being considered un-important and neglected, at least I often pity trainee engineers for a start. Few months ago I wrote about how I feel teaching should be done in our mother tongue, a lot of student felt it should be practiced; all this young people trended it on twitter for a long period of time but the government turned a deaf ear to it and some of Nigeria youth, who were meant to help redeem the nation has being bullied into silence. Apc Nigeria re-tweeted but we got no positive reply.

One of the most painful things about teaching and learning in Nigeria is the brutality brought upon the students by the so-called lecturers. I will be discussing five reasons studying engineering is an absolute waste of time if it is done in Nigeria

1. Too Theoretical

Courses like medicine, Biochemistry, Food technology, Engineering, Physics and many more should be more of practical than theorem, but Nigeria syllabus of learning has turned everything to a parago line . For example student who studies all this outlined courses are only good if they attend polytechnics or college of educations roght here in Nigeria ; most of our universities are just wastage of money for the parent ; wastage of strength, time, for the students and most often, some of these graduates of engineering ends up being teachers, lecturers wity no goof pay for the effort used in learning. The lucky ones ends up with a good job, few slightly lucky one ends up with using certain knowledge in engineering which they acquired to earn a living then the unlucky one ends up constituting nuisance to the society… so what is the point?

2. Incompetent teaching skills.

I am a Nigeria and I do know and believe our leaning skills is terrible, I have also noticed these skills of learning are being transferred from one lecturers to the others.
Frankly speaking lecturers who teaches engineering in our various universities are not practicing engineers, the practicing engineers are better off being engineers, not lecturers; I am certain you know what I mean. I mean those who are actually good at practicing the engineering professions are better off as workers on the field, this is one of the reasons most federal universities do not offer petroleum engineering ; the good ones prefers to stay on the field , drilling the oil, mining and experimenting with oil exploration and this is why we have just the normal engineers who studies engineering just because they feel engineers makes more money, most of all this universities makes this courses harder than it ought to be due to the incompetent learning skills of the lecturers.

3. Inability to handle engineering machines.

This happens in situations where the lecturer is not adequately taught or a situation where the school feels the machine is too expensive to be handled by the lecturers in charge. A friend of mine once told me of how he did a course from agriculture and bio-system engineering and his practical was a total mess because their officiating lecturer said he was not giving the permission to operate the stroke engine machine, and the lecturer of course set an examination which required the student to solving a solution he was not giving the permission to solve, that is not engineering to me , that is total rubbish.

4. Sponsoring of student engineers.

One of the things that hurts me a lot about student studying engineering in this country is the fact that; their lecturers are shady and the government who ought to be on the look out for brilliant students in the field of engineering are out there preying the nation; permit me at this stage to say the government over this nations and most of the nation’s highly influential personalities in this country are set of people who are mentally stupid. I went for an award early this year, the best engineering all the way from federal university of technology, Minna was given just a glass award and then the best upcoming artist was given the sum of five hundred thousand naira plus the same glass award the engineer was given. The country is celebrating fun over brilliancy.

5. Too much time is wasted.

This is one of the most annoying thing about studying engineering in Nigeria, we spend five years studying meaningful rubbish that at the end almost make no sense if you do not work out the ninety percent of your learning by yourself.

Engineering student from Nigeria can not even compete with other engineering student from places like China, India, and the most interesting part about this other countries is they used mainly three years for what Nigeria decides to make five years.
A friend of mine who happened graudate from the university of Ilorin travelled abroad to study civil engineering for his masters, he disclosed to me on how he struggled to balance with every little thing he was being taught abroad ‘’the fact that I am first class student in engineering could not help me for the first three month, I had to start engineering from the scratch’’ he said to me while we were having a conversation.
Of course he finished his post degree with a first class honor but he went through a lot to get that and this was after wasting a good five years in Nigeria as a scholar in the department of civil engineering in Nigeria

Written by ;
Temi badmus

Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus is a Food scientist and an Art enthusiast. Her desire is to give a listening ear to people and to give an opportunity for everyone to be heard. Has any one told you that you are special? Yes, you are. You were beautifully designed, you are relevant to this generation and very special to me. Connect with me on LinkedIn


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