In the history and existence of university of Ilorin, this is the first of it and we are so proud to be the first out of the many to bring you the first online comedy show on a great Valentine day.
Trust me we know what you need this special day, apart from love we know you deserve to have that special smile on your face. 😍
All the way from University of Ilorin, faculty of agriculture.

Below is a Valentine special from Temi Badmus to you all.
*My VAL 👫*
On the first day when I met you.
You were so young.
You were a blessing, there was no guessing. You are the right one.
Our love was so crazy, we had a baby and set vows.
That’s was love and you are my perfect match.
In every your mistakes, I see a reason to always put a smile on your face because I understand why you made them.
There were time situations and people tried to put us apart yet I was still the only one who could handle the bell to your heart.
Your heart skips whenever you sight me giving my beautiful smile to strangers.
But I made sure our heart is locked together that it can’t be opened without one another.
Your smile is so cute,
I cuddle your right every night, so right I make sure you have a tight night.
Your are my perfect match.
I could care less about others but everything relating to your is something that makes me lose control even though I’m formal and personal.
That’s because you are my perfect match.
Looking at the tallness of you, I cuddle your lips close to mine without minding mine.
Holding on to you, I remembered that you are always my perfect match.
Happy VAL boo. 💋
And Fri those who are booless, don’t worry the heart know where it belong.
Happy Valentine’s Day from us all at


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