Unilorin lecturer caught in the act of harrasing student re-sign himself

University Lecturer caught harassing female student
Dr. Mohammed Sani Idiagbon, a University of Ilorin lecturer was caught on a tape sexually harassing a female student in his office.
According to a very close friend of the victim in the audio clip who claimed anonymity, the girl missed his class test. Consequently, Idiagbon used the opportunity to invite her to his office for sex as the only alternative to pass the course.
The report attached to the YouTube clip shows that the school management, up till 30th May 2016, failed to see to the matter and therefore left the student in great threat and despair. However, according to Sahelnewsonline correspondent, though the university is yet to make official remarks on this issue, recent report gathered so far has shown that Idiagbon has been suspended by the school authority.
Report gathered shows that Idiagbon has two major ways of setting traps for students – making them to fail his course and attaching to him a lot of female project/thesis supervisees.
“Gist has it that he preys on innocent ladies in the department – exchanging sex for grades. Mind you, he feast on supersize ladies who are way beyond his fist. In addition, this man has no pity and can crush even male students that will not leave their ‘target’. I can only describe Idiagbon as Sex-for-Grade Master (SGM).” said Babajide Roland, former student of the department.
“This lecturer tells his students to their face that they will fail his course (i.e. Syntax), a challenging course to most students. A classmate once told me he wanted to sleep with her in his office. She told him she was engaged and he replied that’s not new; she then lied that she was pregnant and he replied it is even sweeter with pregnancy. Anyway, what happened next my friend didn’t tell me.” Lamented Mrs. Adeyemi L. Adedigba, a former student of Idiagbon.
Surprisingly, almost 95% of his students (former and current) interviewed claimed that Idiagbon does his sexual and corrupt acts in collaboration with his co-worker in the department, Taofeeq Alabi (popularly called Michael Jackson). Some of these students say that these two University of Ilorin English Department lecturers ensure they’re made to be in charge of students’ results compilation team and volunteer most times to serve as members of examination committee in order to ease perpetration of their atrocities.
Since a bill for a law which prescribes five-year jail term for lecturers who engage in sexual relationship with students has passed second reading at the senate, it is the belief of most concerned Nigerians (students in particular) that Idiagbon should be brought to book with no delay in order to serve as deterrent for other lecturers like him.
It is believed that according to the sponsor of the bill, Senator Ovie Omo-Agege “…the bill imposes stiff penalties on offenders in its overall objective of providing tighter statutory protection for students against sexual hostility and all forms of sexual harassment in tertiary schools.

The bill provides a compulsory five-year jail term for lecturers who sexually harass students. When passed into law, vice chancellors of universities, rectors of polytechnics and other chief executives of institutions of higher learning will go to jail for two years if they fail to act within a week on complaints of sexual harassment made by students…”

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