We appreciate talents and celebrates the people who is got the gut to show the world what they have been endowed with.
Below is some few words from our newly found talent.
The name of my brand is jaei deneks. It is gotten from my name john Adenekan. I’m a 300level mass communication student, from the University of Lagos (UNILAG)
As a fashion designer I focus more on ankara, African prints. Fashion for me started about three years ago, when I had a mini shop where I sell Uk stuffs and all. From there I and my mum sell those wears( clothing and shoes) . Then afterwards I decided to go into prints work. My mum is a tailor, her elder sister a tailor, my dad also sells wears too. So I started on my own with the prints designs. You know like having your birthday date on your shirts and all. I Started it with someone from ibadan. I have the customers here in lagos, they send money and orders to ibadan, Then when it’s done my friend will now send it back to lagos. We did that for about six months, But I wasnt really satisfied.
So on resumption to my 200level first semester, I decided to enter fully into having my own clothing line.
Acrican prints to be precise. Because I love ankara a lot. And the designs on them are very in truncating. So I decided to and go learn how to sow From my mums sister. But most of the time its just designing that I do. I cut out the designs. The parts I want sown and give some people working with me.

So that was how I started.
And I wouldn’t be just if I didn’t mention that it was during my 200 level exam period that I went to the market. Because someone from mascom 200 level believed in what I wanted to do and he loaned me enough money. I remebered that day I was having mr suhaibus course that day. I went to tye and due market and Bought what I wanted, that was how I Drew out my designs.

The whole journey started from there.
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