Getting admission into the university of Ilorin is actually a big deal for a lot of people out there, most grown up people wants to do their post graduate programme in the universities; though it is always very difficult to find a student who finished from university of Ilorin to naturally just wish to start their post graduate in the same school. It is a hell ‘’NO’’ for me, I can not imagine starting a new war of migraine for myself, I’m having enough already…
University of Ilorin was top first standard university when I got admission in the year 2014, but dropped to top ten due to some uncontrolled habit of theirs, I heard student can even be slapped by lecturers in the school. I rest my case.

Meanwhile I will be discussing five place you don’t want to be familiar with in the university of Ilorin, though these places are places students ought to be familiar with in a normal world; I mean a standard university not an advanced secondary like the university of Ilorin.

1. The student affairs unit.

The student affairs unit is place every student should be able to walk in freely without you being scared or shivering , but the reverse is the case in the university of Ilorin, the student affair’s unit is a place you get scared of seeing your friend often, the moment you start seeing your friends there often, the first thing that comes to your mind is ‘’ I hope he is not in trouble , I hope he doesn’t get expelled’’. Apart from the part that most people working at the student affair’s unit are mostly old people and they demand so much respect forgetting we are in an era where everyone wants to do their stuffs as fast as they can and move on. Most student affairs’ units are there to fight for the student in every university but reverse is the case in the university of Ilorin, the student affairs’ unit is where a lot of subject which should be made to favour the student are discussed to dis favour the students with some set of people who do not have their own mind but calls themselves the students’ union government. Lol

2. Security arena.

Whether you are a good student or not, the security unit in the university of Ilorin is certainly not the best place to be familiar with, I have heard a final year student say even if I’m dying I will not visit that unit to report because those old set of people can turn things around with easy. Ninety five percent of unilorin students have fear for the security instead of hope in them that the security are there to always protect and stand for them. I happened to being a witness to a scene where the security man was actually dragging the school identity card from the neck of the student; that was a whole lot of craps, and at the end of the that same student was judged to be wrong.

3. The comsit .

The comsit in the university of Ilorin is a building where people who install student’s grades into their portal works. I know student should be able to complain about their score or any problem which they find uncalled for with their result. The head of comsit ; Dr. tomori is not is actually a person who really do give much listening ear to students , anways my point is the comsit is not a place any student of unilorin would want to be familiar with. I once read an interview which was conducted few years ago with the now governor of kwara state ; in his response he said ‘’ I finished with third class in the university of Ilorin but that same me finished with a distinction in the university of Belgium ‘’ let me say ‘’ black people naturally have black attitude ‘’.

4.Students’ union offices.

One of the most reflecting moment I have had in the university of Ilorin was the time someone told me about how the students’ union governments are set of toothless crocodile who are just put in the position by the school authority , they stay in that polluted offices of theirs with their polluted mind. Lol, I could not help but laugh ; seriously I have had my moment with those guys and I’m aware of how certain things work in the university of Ilorin .
Students’ union offices is not a place anyone wants to be familiar with, you get to see a lot of their shits and craps and if you are not careful enough; you might end up be entangled in their untruthful game. The students’ union building is place to relax ; a place for different students from different tribe to mingle but the students’ union building is never a place to tarry.

5.The school gate .

Lot of things happens at the school gate frequently; therefore being familiar with the school gate means you are familiar with the securities at the school gate, I do not even recommend you looking up when you are about enter the school if possible but for the sake of obeying the school’s laws and regulations you need to do that .
In case you have a place know a place you feel student should not be familiar with in the university of Ilorin , kindly drop it in the comment box.

Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus is a Food scientist and an Art enthusiast. Her desire is to give a listening ear to people and to give an opportunity for everyone to be heard. Has any one told you that you are special? Yes, you are. You were beautifully designed, you are relevant to this generation and very special to me. Connect with me on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/temi-badmus-a7171bb1


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