The Yinka Ayefele’s Secret.

Monday, February 1 was the birthday of gospel Tungba crooner Yinka Ayefele’s birthday. He clocked 44 that great day.
Ayefele discovered his ability to sing gospel music after that accident that crippled him over 20 years ago. Knocking out his disability, Ayefele has done well for himself business wise than his contemporaries in the society that are able. He had shown them and the world that truly their is ability in disability.
Through his gospel Tungba music Ayefele brought about a revolution in gospel music such that virtually all gospel singers now try to infuse his style in their music.
The singer started singing professionally in 1998 with the release of his album Bitter Experience as a means to raise money for surgery after the accident that almost claims his life.
Through his songs and albums many are not aware that Yinka Ayefele has built a conglomerate for himself where he has many people in his employ. His investments span music with his Merry Makers, media Fresh FM, hospitality Downtown Hotels. Others are Optimum Resolutions, G22 and Yinka Ayefele Foundation from where he reaches out to the needy and less privilege. Most of his companies have their offices in his gigantic edifice in Ibadan Yinka Ayefele Music House.
To his credit Ayefele has released 19 albums with the last one being Upliftment which was released in December 2015.
From us at gimmehear we wish the Enigma as Ayefele is being called a prosperous and graceful birthday in arrears

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Temi Badmus
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