The Real you

Everyone thinks they know who you are,even when they push you beyond your limit,they feel you deserve it.when the tears you keep for years run through your chick,you wonder why you could act so are not weak you are not just on their level of strength.
If life gives you the best at a time it’s advisable you nurture the memories incase of the moment life might bring some hurts.The funniest being around are humans….the most trust worthy being around are animals.
Blaming the world we hide our hurts,we hide behind our shell,and act the way the people wants us to,not the way we want to.
Certain pains are not meant to make us numb…they are there to make us strong and stable.
So when everyone speaks on who they think you might be ,who do you think you will say you are?
Life will push you to learn ,people will push you to learn what you would rather be, not who you are
You don’t need to be sad about you are ….being happy with people who loves who you are and are ready to be with who you are.
Temikupid @writing to speak for the unheard

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