It was morning, of course the sky was almost frightenly blue; my mother and I were on our way to the farm, we do that daily, though very early on Saturday morning; we usually treck kilometers of distance which makes me already tired long before we get to the farm. My mum was wearing a blue top on a green skirt that has turned almost yellow due to the constant presence of dirt on it. I was sleeping while walking which was was my usual act that always earn me unpleasant words from mother. it was late December; the road was full of dew, and every where was frozen. Mother kept on raining curses on me ” stupid girl, useless idiot; your mates are in their mothers’ farm tilling the ground or harvesting yams”. If I recollect correctly, we do leave the house at about 4 O’ clock am; I was only a seven year old girl and the cold was too harsh for my bones; so I see no reason why mother should be angry; but the truth was, I was not bothered at all until a car passed by us, a peugot 504′ owned by our next door neighbour, pastor daran. the noise his car do make is what usually wake the people at the outskirts of the farm up every Saturday morning,which was still okay by everyone since there was no means to set alarm. A lot of people were grateful that God gave him that ” wonderful car”. It’s a wonderful car indeed, because on hearing the sound from about ten meters away, I myself would wake up from my sleep walk: that only favours my mother and it brings me to the reality of facing her curses squarely… especially the one sleep helped me to escape. that’s my mother for you even in that I do really love her. I was used to her always cursing me anyway, at least she has not called me a bastard this morning.
To be continued.
Written by: mabaiku pepere.

Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus is a Food scientist and an Art enthusiast. Her desire is to give a listening ear to people and to give an opportunity for everyone to be heard. Has any one told you that you are special? Yes, you are. You were beautifully designed, you are relevant to this generation and very special to me. Connect with me on LinkedIn


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