Today marks two years since I have been staying with father. Life in the city is full of misery, father came to the village the day I finished writing my primary examination, that day was the most wonderful day of my life. I was on my way back home when I saw a group of people gathering at the village square, they were saying something but I could not hear them properly, this was because I was of a shorter height. Mr Balogun the village head drunkard was the one who made me know my father was in town, I dropped my bag and started runing until I got to mama palie, the most popular achohol seller in our village. on getting there, I saw a group of men, they were drinking all sort of drinks, I didn’t know who my dad was but I hugged the fat man among them. It was later I got to realize the fat man was one of my father’s friend. I followed my father to the city without thinking twice.
Today marks two years since I last set my eyes on mother, I guess father denied her access to see me. I am not sure she even made efforts to see me, I am not worried about her too but now I think I am really beginning to miss her. Things are not going too smoothly here, father’s wife has been so mean to me. I have tried running away but to no avail. Yesterday, I was about packing my load from the house to run away when father showed up. I Am attending a public school while my half -siblings are attending a private school, sometimes I feel bad but I just have to live with it. The stupid public school said I could not continue from primary 5, so I was taken back to start from primary three.
written by :
Mabaiku pepere.
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