episodes 16.
So I was trying to check what happened at the scene of the accident, only for me to find out our neighbor was hit by a reckless driver, who left his body on the road. People around there were trying to find anyone who has any information about him.
Unfortunately he gave up the ghost before I came back. I was so devastated, we just lost a neighbor due to my uncle’s sense of humor. Though he was right by telling me not to go to the scene of the accident but I felt we could have been of help by getting there to sight what was happening, I had to run home and tell my Stepmum that daddy Samson had an accident .
Oh my God. Was the accident that bad? She asked.

Yes ma, I heard they were looking for people who has information about how to contact his daily as of the time I and my uncle was passing by but uncle said I must not branch the scene. but I decided to check out what was happening at the scene when he got his ride home.
He was dead by the time I got there.
That your uncle is a useless man, step mum murmured.
How are we going to break the news to mummy samson now?
Don’t tell her that you passed at the scene o!.
So we trekked to mummy Samson’s house. Mummy Samson was preparing to leave for a wedding, she was looking so radiant and elegant in her wedding attire. How are we going to break this news to her?
step mum asked.
We just came to greet you ma? I was shocked to hear this from my step mum… How can she not tell the woman that her husband is dead and people are looking for his family?
MA, we came here to tell you that your husband had an accident at the Junction of the house this morning, and as of now he is dead. People at the junction are looking for any of his relative. Even police men are there, his cell phone was dead and that makes it difficult to get to you.
All this rubbish happened in my head.
We were at the door when mummy Samson received a call telling her that her husband is dead and her attention is needed.
She passed by us with all her attire disarranged from her body.
Stepmother ran after her to get hold of her.
Mummy Samson was lost, I could see her throwing everything she was wearing off her body.

To be continued.

Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus is a Food scientist and an Art enthusiast. Her desire is to give a listening ear to people and to give an opportunity for everyone to be heard. Has any one told you that you are special? Yes, you are. You were beautifully designed, you are relevant to this generation and very special to me.

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