Apart from being the most marvelous and greatest, he is also the most unfortunate; because throughout the millions of years he inhabited the earth. ” He is a being who has little knowledge of himself” as soon as he is born, he is old enough to die.
I live in a country where primary school children disflowers themselves behind toilets on Valentine’s Day. A country where young ladies flood the street even in the afternoon looking for men that would give them A thousand naria note to have sex with them, a country where parent send their children overseas for prostitution and send dollars down. I live in a country where government officials picks undergraduates from universities with coaster buses to wild sex parties. I live in a country where abortion is so common that even a chemist store owner can perform abortion with just two thousand five hundred naria, I live in a country where sixty percent of readers won’t finish reading this because they are so ignorant about crucial things and they clamour for change. A man once said and I quote him “only a fool wants to solve a problem he does not know the root of its cause”
This is the idea of us the 21st century people , we want to do it anyhow and we want the best result… how possible is it then to have a change?
written by:
Temiloluwa badmus

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