Think of the irreparable loss you directly or indirectly caused that dead man you saw alive some days ago. That little word of encouragement you could have given him…. Think of it.
Think of the negative influence you left on someone because you were angry at the time you could have let go.
Think about the colleague of yours at work, of course he is always giving you problem and you have never spared some minutes to pray for him; all you do is talk about him.
Think of the negative effect you left on some people’s life because you find it hard to be a little patient.
Think about that woman who sells the little she has and you still exploit.
Think about this man, he is a graduate, he finished school with a first class. On the day of resumption at work with a honourable pay, he is crushed into piece by a truck; now he is dead.
One minute is too big to waste, one positive word is too crucial not to say,
Of course the dead tells no story but the living do….
If you are gone today, what would you be remembered for?
Temikupid@ writing to speak for the unheard

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