Hey guys, it’s Temi Badmus. I have this interesting questions I want us to solve today… All you have to do is pick two from any of these questions and tell us what you feel about them.

According to a discovery in the University of Illinois by a professor of relationship and health talks.

Some of this answers were gotten and a lot of them were mostly from black people. So where do you find yourself.

When the question who get jealous the most was asked.

90% of black men confirmed that women get more jealous than men, this is because they often assume things once they notice their partners been close to another person of opposite sex.

Black women said men get jealous due to ownership not love.

What’s your say?

When asked what they will feel if their partner cheats on them?

70% black women said they will be angry.

10% said they don’t care, men cheats anyways.

15% said they will forgive and let it go.

While the other 5% said they will prefer the truth is not told to them.

When asked if it is okay to lie to your partner.

50% said it might be okay, just not to hurt their feelings .

20% said, you might need to just lie, sometimes lie is needed to cover some tracks.

30% were blunt about saying the truth… You tell them the truth if you really love them.

When asked about oral sex,

50% straight lovers do not have problem about it

30% finds it annoying…
The others were just okay with it because their partner wants it.

When asked about education
40% said they can’t marry someone who is lesser than them

The others were not really decisive.

When asked about funds.

40% of the men prefers to be in control… Some of them said they want their girl to depend on them.

30% won’t try marry a woman who is richer than them.

10% were okay if she’s richer but has a good body structure.

20% were not really sure of what they want.

When asked about their exes

50% said they were happy with their new love.

40% said they were okay with their exes but it just didn’t work out well.

10% said they prefer their new love.

When asked about their body counts…

70% said they are not interested in their lover’s body count.

20% who were Virgin said they would love to know.

10% said they will love to know so they can learn from their past performance.

When asked about past relationships…

It was discovered that 90% of African only settles down after six relationships.

Let hear your opinion ..

Temi Badmus.

Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus is a Food scientist and an Art enthusiast. Her desire is to give a listening ear to people and to give an opportunity for everyone to be heard. Has any one told you that you are special? Yes, you are. You were beautifully designed, you are relevant to this generation and very special to me. Connect with me on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/temi-badmus-a7171bb1


  1. Ha! This statistics is true. For me it still ends with, we all decide what we want our relationship to be like and one thing is certain, if you are not ready to be into one, it wont work.

  2. Well I haven’t really been in much relationships.. Maybe two or three but what I can say is when I started those relationships it was with the idea of settling down.. The fact that they didn’t work out isn’t necessarily my fault… I’m in my third relationship now and I still have the same motive of settling down… it doesn’t necessarily need to count o six before the thought of settling down comes..

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