“We all live in the curse for the tears that roll through the eye of a faulty person facing the law of karma, we all have done this evil and it likely we all dance to the rhythm ” Temicupid*
It not easy to imagine a world without this evil, but we live in the world full of people who do this evil either knowingly or unknowingly.
I don’t know who’s to be blamed. Our desires are different and I am not sure if the evil is not a subject to the penalty of karma that we all face somehow.

We have all gone through this evil that has brought a whole lot of pains, to our heart ,our family, our personality and even humanity. but it keeps flourishing like it makes merry to our soul.
Taking it isn’t a problem … Seeing a property that belongs to someone who is either careless or mistakenly forgot them gives us the right to take it but it never our right to keep it … After all we don’t know how much pain they went through to get it, so why should we try to face the karma behind the hurt they feel when they know it isn’t with them anymore? And probably it cost them their living to get it why can’t we help them save their life?
A man is not a man enough if his heart of good can’t conquer the evil he’s interested in doing… So are you trying to tell me there are no good people on earth??
A man’s word is carrying positive or negative influence … The evil words he speaks also carries negative influence , So when u take and keep someone else’s property, this is what you give them the permission to do, “you give them the permission to speak negative words into your positive life… We are not good enough when we can’t fight the evil that ruin the world to the point that people around us will want to do good… And we leave the world in jeopardy.
A friend said and I quote, “The taking it is not what is bad but the keeping it is what brings the punishment we face”
The same way the world rotates, so does the evil we do.
If we do the “keeping” today and make someone feel terrible for losing something valuable to them because our inner eye never gave us the reason to return it to them, then we should know that the law of karma makes all evil and all good rotate towards everyone on earth.
“No man is good enough to do good but one man is good enough to make all men do good” it becomes a one man’s job from the start but turns to the job the multitudes would love to partake in when done greatly by the one man who starts it.
We have to continue the taking, but stop the “keeping “it destroys people who needs what you keep that’s isn’t yours… It also make you pay for what you shouldn’t pay for.
Think about it
Thanks for reading,
Temicupid at writing to speak for the unheard,
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