How do some students score very well without studying much

I remember asking myself the same question a few years ago. It seems like there are students that don`t study very little and score high grades.
But when you look under the hood you will find out that they invest a lot of time and effort and use some of the secret tools to study and remember well than others.
It took me a lot of time, effort to understand what makes excellent student great. Here are the secret strategies that I learned from excellent students:
1. Learning is a skill- there is a belief that some people born winners, smart, reach and capable of learning better than others.
I am not saying that there is no such thing like born talent but only talent will not give you the results you must practice.
Our brain is built from neurons, like wire. In order for this wire to become thick you must add more small wires around it. The thicker the wire is the better you remember and learn.
Learning is like those thin wires setting top on other. In order to build a skill you must make a lot of repetitions (a lot of wrappings around the wire)
This way the wire becomes thicker and now it is harder to tear it apart, more repetitions will help you remember better.
2. Memory Secrets -excellent students developed strategies that help them to learn very fast and remember much more than average student. There are four types of memories that help them to remember more stuff.
Auditory- put the material you learned in to a chant or rhyme. This way you can remember it easily.
Visual – we recall 99.99% of pictures. The secret to memory is the ability to construct pictures.
Kinesthetic – the sensations in our body helps us to remember. Convert the information in to a dance or movement.
Digital memory- In order to process learning, simply listen to the meaning of something and translate it in terms of your own experience.
3. Associations -This is the mind glue. In order to remember something associated it with something you already know. When the Greeks learned new things the used the “Room Technique”.
Imagine your house, you remember every room and how it looks. Now put in every room new item you want to remember. This way every time you will thing about the room you will automatically remember the new thing you put in the room.
4. Mind maps-every excellent student keeps this secret tool handy. Mind maps create strong associations between things that help you to remember. Use a lot of pictures in your mind maps because this is the way the brain remembers the best.
Mind maps are great tool because they imitate the structure of our brain, the structure of neurons and the way they are connected.
5. Understanding – If you really want to learn something you must understand it first. True understanding is built from two parts: knowledge and experience.
In schools we are loaded with a LOT of knowledge but with very little experience. Always seek for more experience. Experience is something you can`t learn you must DO IT.
Take the knowledge you have learned and make use of it, teach someone else, think of creative ways you can use it on a daily basis.
Using the Learning Hierarchy excellent students can transform simple data in to wisdom and true understanding.
6. Persistent-you can have all the secrets and the techniques but it will be useless if you don’t apply them in the real world.
Nothing comes easy in this world and every skill is a hard earned. You must be persistent when going to the top. You will have hard times, you will experience disappointments and feel frustrate time to time. Or maybe people will tell you that “you are not realistic in your expectations”.
When this negative thoughts comes to visit persistent comes to live. Persistent and vision will help you to overcome obstacles.
By: Nikita Ponomarenko ,

Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus
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