How Do I Stop Sleeping With My Ex?

Dear gimmehear
My name is Folu and I am a 28-year-old lady who is set to wed in the next three months. But I must say that I am in a big trouble at the moment because I can’t seem to stop having sex » with my ex-boyfriend, Steve, even though I am engaged to be married to Joey, one of the best men I have ever come across.
I dated Steve for six years but we both knew the relationship would lead to no where because Steve is the kind of man ho does not take anything serious. He is not cut out for any serious relationship and marriage is far from his mind.
He is the kind of man one can describe as a lady’s man and ladies throw themselves at him at will and he sees nothing wrong in keeping five women at the same time. But one thing is that I am addicted to sex with Steve and I can’t seem to help myself where sex is concerned with him.
In fact, the only thing that keeps me binding to him is the great sex we have anytime we are together. It is not as if Joey is not good in bed but Steve is in a class of his own and even though we have had our introduction and the date for our marriage has been set, I still find myself sneaking around to have sex with Steve.
I fear this will continue when I eventually get married to Joey. I want to stop but can’t help myself.
What can I do?
Dear readers, on morning questions » today, we ask: what do you think Folu should do to free herself from Steve?

Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus
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