In case you are not aware that today is world sickle cell day… Then we would love to inform you that today is world sickle cell day. We are celebrating all sickle cell patient who are great warriors fighting to survive and we are also pleading with every one in love to check their genotype before marriage, we can save the world and encourage the people in it more when we take caution in things we do.
Below is a word of encouragement from an highly inpsring student of the University of ilorin, who has being fighting the battle and is interested in encouraging other sickle cell paitent.
Miss Merable is a 300level in the University of ilorin.
More success and strength to you ma.

World Sickle Cell Anaemia Day: Know Sickle Cell Today!
Every June 19 is World Sickle Cell Anaemia Day… A day to celebrate sickle cell warriors and also create more awareness about the disease.
What is Sickle Cell Anaemia?
Sickle Cell Disease (often called SCD) is an hereditary blood disease/disorder characterized by an abnormality in the oxygen carrying haemoglobin molecules in the red blood cells. A normal red blood cell is disc-shaped and very flexible but in SCD, the red blood cells changes shape and looks more like a sickle or moon crescent.
Because of this shape, they do not move well through the tiny blood vessels. This can stop or slow down blood flow to some parts of the body thereby causing less oxygen flow in the body.
Sickle red blood cells live for only 10-20days whereas, normal red blood cells live up-to 120days. The damaged sickle red blood cells could also clump together or get stuck to the walls of the blood vessels, as a result, blocking blood flow.

This can cause severe pains (which is what is known as crisis), permanent damage to brain, heart, lungs, kidney, liver and sometimes spleen.
A Typical Sickle Cell Crisis
A typical sickle cell crisis could occur as a result of a number of reasons, could be as a result of sudden change in weather, too cold or too hot weather, stress, low blood level (low pcm), anxiety, an illness (could be malaria) iron intake, or when the red blood cells get stuck into the blood vessels resulting in an insufficient oxygen supply in the body. Truth is, crisis differ from patient to patient but these are the factors that could trigger a crisis. The severity of a crisis depends on what triggered it. A crisis triggered by anxiety might just last for a few hours or for as long as you remain anxious whereas a crisis triggered by insufficient oxygen supply in the body could last for over a week… A crisis is indescribable, it’s a pain that words can’t describe… Places where you could have crisis in includes the joints, knee, legs, waist, hands, back, etc. Once a crisis starts, if not treated immediately, it builds up continuously.
How does one get Sickle Cell Disease?

It’s transferred through parents to offspring. Two carriers of the S gene must not get married if not, chances of having an SS child is very possible.

Hope for the Sickle Cell Warrior
Living with sickle cell is quite difficult, it is not easy having to explain to people why you were suddenly absent from an event you planned on attending, it’s not easy having to explain to people why you can’t do certain things or eat certain foods, it’s just not easy cos even the doctors do not understand this pain.
They treat based on guessing. But there is hope for you, you don’t have to allow sickle cell limit you. Don’t allow sickle cell disease make your everyday a sick day. Don’t allow sickle cell disease cripple your dreams. You are a warrior, stronger than those with the normal gene so don’t let anything stop you.

How to deal with sickle cell stigmatisation as a sickle cell patient
1. love yourself: make yourself your favourite person. You have to love you before others can love you
2. Believe in yourself
3. Refuse to receive pity from people: your illness doesn’t define you so don’t let people define you with it
4. Do NOT at any point see yourself as less than others: no you are a very strong person, stronger than those with the normal gene
5. Don’t allow sickle cell define your life or limit your dreams
6. Unleash your potentials even with sickle cell anaemia. You can be whoever you chose to be despite sickle cell anaemia, the choice is yours, chose wisely.

A sickle cell free generation is possible, it begins with you and I. Check your genotype before you say yes to that babe or guy because your love can not protect your child from the claws of sickle cell crisis.
Happy World Sickle Cell Anaemia Day!

From miss merable.
Prouldy supported by all of us at gimme hear


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