The whole idea of sassy period panties was launched due to the fact that a man in love was sorry for his girlfriend having to be scared of telling him why they can not have sex at some certain period of the month.

His (appropriately named) company Harebrained Inc. has launched a Kickstarter fund that has already received over $160,000 in donations. He apparently got this idea because his girlfriend was sick and tired of telling him that she couldn’t have sex ’cause she was having her lady time (and apparently period sex is something to be feared by ALL MEN because PERIODS ARE EVIL AND WILL GIVE YOU MEDIEVAL ILLNESSES). The solution? Start wearing undies emblazoned with lovely menstruation-demonizing phrases like “Bloody Hell”, “Bleeder of the Pack”, or my personal favorite “Cunt Dracula”, and your guy will get the message without you having to say a word. And if panties aren’t your thing, the company makes temporary tattoos called CRAMP STAMPS. Another stylish way to say, “This is the evil no-touch zone!” It’s like the Scarlet Letter for your womanhood.

In the Kickstarter video, Hall says “While some people use period panties as a warning shot towards their significant others, others see them as a celebration of their womanhood. Just because you’re on your period doesn’t mean you have to wear that old ratty pair in the back of your underwear drawer. Why not wear something special and stick it to Aunt Flo?”

Nice try with the “celebration of womanhood” b.s. but I’m not buying it when you equate a menstruating vagina with a Shark Week bloodbath. Am I supposed to be ashamed of the fact that I menstruate, which means I’m a woman and not a little girl? What’s up the vilifying of periods? And on another note, ain’t nothin’ wrong with wearin’ granny panties every now and then. Beyond that, this is essentially the mansplaining of all things period — I’d prefer no man ever utter the words “Aunt Flo.”

Fun underwear that high-fives you for having ovaries and serves as a friendly reminder to others.
Below are five reasons I believe sassy period panties is the one for you.

1. It a warning zone.

Wearing sazzy period panties is actually a way of sending a warning to your partner, on seeing the panties on you, he knows you are off the mood for relaxation with him. It is also a way of saving yourself from having to do a whole lot of explanation of why sex can not happen during the period you are on.

2. It’s made of great materials.

Sassy period panties is made of ninety five percent cotton and five percent elastine, so you can be sure that you won’t have to face unnecessary discomfort of it being too tight, too long or making you feel uncomfortable while doing your daily activities. Your comfort has being considered and put into place by Anthony Hall.

3. Come in different
designs and sizes.

The interesting thing about sassy period panties is that it comes in various sizes, it is not like our normal sanitary towel which come in either long or short. The sassy period panties comes in large, medium, extra large, extra extra large. All you need do is place your drop your size code and it will be delivered to you at your door step. It also come in various interesting designs

4. It is used as a party or celebration wears.

I think when Anthony Hall decided to create sassy period panties, he was thinking about how to make life easier and more fun for women during mensuration. Forget about the pain, the fact that a lot of people will be wearing what you are wearing makes it fun. Sassy period panties can be used as a swimming trunks. I won’t be surprised if in two year’s time we might need to be celebrating mensuration ” Happy blood losing day” how great will you feel when you have the chance to wear what half of the world is wearing to celebrate women?
Awesome right?

5. It is campaign for freedom during period.

The best thing that can happen to women right now is for them to know they have something they can wear during their period without having to think of their stain being too noticeable. That is the greatest freedom. Most of sassy period panties comes in red and of black color, which of course saves you from getting embarrassed in case you get stained.

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Temi badmus

Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus
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  1. The idea is great. I do feel for my girlfriend whenever she’s on.
    This will help make ladies feel calmer

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