It an attitude we form that clamour for change in the heart of people who feel the pain,
Something that started with a thought by a person who wanted a change either in the wrong direction or most time the right one.
We all lie in the belly of what the fish would swallow if it was given the opportunity to do so, or probably on what the poor might do if we push them harder… Or what the people who are vulnerable to us might do if we ride them harder.
Am not obnoxious of my colour ..it doesn’t change what I feel ,
But most times I feel like coming out of what people say or do.
Looking at my race,I lie to myself that I love it black; when actually I most times hate it black.
Racism will stop when….an African woman will use Shea butter to cream without complaining…when an Africa will drink bitter leaf water instead of green tea.
Racism will stop when we are proud of our skin colour without using a cream made of bicarbonate.
Racism will stop when my christian brother will eat with the Muslims without grudges in their heart…
Racism will stop when the males don’t discriminate between fair ladies and black ladies
Racism will stop the day an African man decides to achieve something that will move the world only with the help of his own people…
Racism is not a war ..!
It an attitude we develop towards some certain direction.
Nelson Mandela says and I quote
“There’s no passion playing small when you can achieve bigger”
I never said Racism is good or bad
I stand with the teachers of the world who believe in faith that speaks…
The only thing that can overcome racism is an achievement that changes the world within!!
I believe in change
Let us all be the change the world needs
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Temicupid at writing to speak for the unheard.
Editor: Emmanuel Arinde. Fflw @emmanuel_arinde on Twitter and IG @mister_hermmy.


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