The Python That Swallows A Million Person

Before I was born, he was actually existing as a calm and lovable person, full of duties that Makes the heaven and earth a peaceful place to abide in, until God saw it through his foolish pride that he didn’t want to be like him but he wanted to be him… I became a desolate fellow living in addiction between a broken lover, the one who used to bring smile to his face is now the one who Swallows his children for sake of his fallen pride, I would not mind living in hell for eternity but I am a vessel that is supposed to bring honour to his name, but I found my self bringing shame and disregard to his wound and hurt that was given to him just because of my sin. I remembered he loves me, I remembered he cares, but out of my ignorance I rejected his love but instead of letting go patiently he turned my heart away from selfishness and everything That once was an urge to me is now hurting me… Then I asked myself how could I have had the determination in my heart to live for less? when everything I do he sees through my foolishness.
While I was sining he was dying for me, he became cursed so I could live a free life, but in my freedom am still living in bandage. Everyone was supposed to love and care for me but I saw the evil right through their faces and blamed the lamb for it, why couldn’t he love me enough to make everyone around me love me more than this? I am angry at him because I lost everyone I loved and most of the time he said he was saving me from losing what might hurt me more than I can handle but with all his love and peace I pledged my life to the Python who is ready to waste it for me.
Even when am hurt, I remembered he says he is hurt too, but the Python is there waiting for me to be swallowed but I decided that I will live in wisdom and die in wisdom because being wise and Living for God is what am supposed to be.
Written by:temikupid

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