President buhari


President Buhari: The black slave master.

President buhari
In the 1970s, my forefathers suffered in the hand of the foreigners, they were sold as slave to different men from different race. I remembered how hurt I felt when I read from some French book how my ancestors were killed by French men, they weren’t given the chance to chose between being free or being a slave… They were killed once they did not oblique. The British government showed them some little affection because they needed their strength for production of sugar, cheese, milk and other food product, their mouth were locked with padlocks to debar them from eating out of whatever they were producing. My forefathers didn’t give up, they worked hard, hoping against hope that someday freedom will come. They were slaves who were made to understand that “they do not see when they see neither did they hear when they heard” they were just slaves.

Those period may not be painful to the black because they were being hurt, beaten by foreigners. My parent spoke to me about how you ruled when you were president the first time, right from when you were young you failed, they spoke of how you failed woefully, the newspaper didn’t fail to publish it either. When we were given a chance to make choice between you and Goodluck Jonathan, a lot of wise Nigerians chose you not because you have earned their trust that you are better, they chose you because they hope against hope that things will get better.

During the last few years of your stay in office, petrol which is Nigeria’s pride is almost lost, the land cried of the nation’s feet being too hard on it, the non teaching staffs has gone on strike severally, they returned without getting paid, money is not flowing to the poor masses because you claim to be fighting corruption. All the cash you have gotten through your fight against corruption has not circulate to the society. We do not know or have details of where they have circulated to, I agreed with president Olusegun Obasanjo who says you should take your feet off the choice of being re-elected.

Economist has made it obvious that your second quarter is full of bad omen that it is of good.

I am more offended when I heard you were coming to Lagos towards the end of March, you claim to come signal and make open a road, but the wise Nigerians knew that you came to waste our resource, enjoying and wasting our money at Tinubu’s birthday. I heard about how some high valued and people of integrity weren’t there: but I’m sure you sold yours long time ago.

$250 billion was lost the moment you left Lagos, the people trekked and even made the #lagostrekthorn #buhariinlagos… The innocent and poor massive were beaten by the animals you kept to watch the road, I heard some even suffered trying to use the pedestrian bridge, a bridge which on a normal day if not used could land one in prison. The thought of how useless Governor Ambode is hurts me more during this period, he made two days public holiday because of your presence, banks lost money that day sir, I remembered those good days of a sensible and highly learned governor of Lagos State, Governor Raji Babatunde Fashola. He will never do that, you don’t find a wise man making stupid decision anyways.

I will like to let you know this before I drop my pen, I saw a post on twitter which says “Lagosians will deliver votes for you come 2019”, I hope you got my reply that asked if you want to steal the ballot paper, the people who handles you social media pages do not know the right use of words, but I want to believe when he says delivers, he meant “you will steal the ballot paper and deliver the votes for yourself”
I guess foolishness ruins in the mist of your associates.

I am a youth who is proud of what my ancestors has done, I hope president like yourself do not get the chance to Aso Rock again because you are the black slave master.

Temi Badmus

Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus
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