A Sokoto State-based philanthropist, Alhaji Umarun Kwabbo, has indicated his intention to sponsor a mass wedding of at least 100 couples.

He said that the gesture was part of his contribution towards ensuring that the number of unmarried men and women in the state was reduced drastically.

The Jarman Sokoto stated this at the marriage ceremony for four of his children in Sokoto, the state capital.

He said that he would shoulder all the responsibilities attached to both bride and groom, including paying of dowries, clothing, provision of foodstuffs, and other gifts to the couples after the formal ceremony.

Kwabbo said he was inspired to support others as contribution to the society, especially after seeing many bachelors and ladies in need of spouses not able to do so due to the economic hardship.

He said, “Many of our mature people are in need of such urgent assistance, but due to certain reasons and other responsibilities associated with marriage in our society, they remain without spouses.

“As a Muslim and someone blessed by the Almighty God, I want to make my modest contribution to the society by sponsoring the wedding of 100 couples for a start, in order to reduce the number of unmarried people.”

Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus
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