A (Staff) member of the power holding company of Nigeria has bring sentenced to three years imprisonment.

One Mr, Michael, who is a member of the staff of port Harcourt electricity distribution and supply company (PHEDC) at
DLINE PORT HARCOURT, was arrested on Friday 11/05/2018 and could not be arraigned in court following the disruption of legal activities at River State highway court but he is presently cooling his head at the Port Harcourt maxim prison following a court order which states his actions of unlawfully disconnecting the power supply of Barrister Higher -King: A famous humanitarian and human right activist. Who is also currently based in River State.

Mr Michael, who is currently on trial has being charged for disconnecting power supply of the residence and office without any prior notice to the people or worker’s who are available at the period of disconnection.

The notice which is meant to be three month before any action of disconnection.

A sector of the Electricity supply for reform act in Nigeria has being opened against Mr Michael, the sector Says such action will be placed with a penalty of three years imprisonment or five hundred thousand naria fine as a secondary consistent offender.

The human advocate states that he is not doing this for himself alone but also for the sake of every Nigerian, he want Nigerians to know their right about any power supply agent disconnecting their power supply without their notice.

He also stated that any distribution company (DISCO) staff found disconnecting power supply without a three month prior notice should be reported.

Mr Michael will be arraigned in Magistrate Court .MR by Monday, 14th of May 2018 at exactly 9am, Which necessary punishment will be aligned to him.

I personally, I think I need to file a report against the PHCN that are at Ojodu Berger, sometimes they disconnect the light without the residence getting informed…. They need to be sanctioned too.

Temi Badmus

Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus
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  1. well, in my own opinion, i dont think The Magistrate should have charged Mr Michael to court directly because i know that its the senior PHCN officials in charge of that region that ordered Mr. Michael to disconnect the power supply.

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