Episode 1.
`why don’t you come to work with me?, instead of sitting around
all day, at least you could get busy and besides one of them might
help you get a job`
`no mum, and I don’t sit around all day, I have an interview today`
Tarsha answered, she didn’t like the idea at all
`okay then, I have been feeding you all these years, I think it’s time
I retire` Mrs davies said with sarcasm in her voice
`am just kidding, see you later my love`, kissing her on the
forehead, Tarsha watched her mum leave the house, it was a few
minutes before six in the morning, she was such a sweet woman,
with a petite structure and a wonderful smile, Tarsha had taken all
her attributes except that she had a sweeter smile and was taller.
She graduated with a second class in English from the
university of Nigeria Nsukka, she had been looking for a job since
she concluded her service year, she was offered retainment
where she served in Jos as a teacher but she wanted to live with
her mum full time and loved Lagos.
It’s been eight months now and it didn’t even seem like she was
making any efforts, she totally didn’t like the idea of going to help her mum as a maid. Her mum worked for the Williams’, a group of
four guys who had built an empire for themselves, she wanted
hers too, not to go and clean after them.
Mum had said she told one of them and he had asked to see her
in person but she didn’t need their help, even though in this
country you need plenty of that, but not from the people her mum
worked for, her pride wouldn’t let her. She thought about all these
while sipping the tea mum had made for her before leaving the
house. Her mum’s cooking skills were superb and she used that
to make her money, she was about 43 now but looked like she
was in her early thirties.
She finished the tea and did some chores, Temmy, her best
friend had sent her a job link when she woke up earlier, the
interview was by twelve. She was readyNH by ten and left the house,
they had to see some punctuality trait in her, she thought. She
dressed simple with a top and skirt, no heels but she was still very
pretty. Victor made sure to remind her every day when they were
still together.
It was about 11:30 when she got there, and there were a lot of
people, she was number 135, she wondered if the other 134
people didn’t sleep at all or were there since six a.m. she waited a
long while and when it was on number 35, the interviewer
dismissed them all saying it was time for the company to close
for the day. Someone asked if they would continue tomorrow but
he said they had already chosen the people they wanted. Tarsha cursed him under her breath and left in annoyance.
`today wasn’t a total waste`, she wrote in her diary on her way
back home `at least I learnt to be hours earlier than an interview
time`, she was really tired and hungry when she finally got home.
There was moi moi in the fridge,
`alleluia` she muttered when she saw it,micro waved it and
minutes later she was in the sitting room all freshened up and
eating her moi moi while watching Jenifa’s diary. Life couldn’t be
that bad right? Then she thought about her dad, she did that
every evening, she didn’t know who he was and had never seen
him. Mum never talked about him except she asked and she
stopped asking when she yelled at her and said
am a single mum!` so what! You have to live with that!`
Tarsha was twelve then, she could remember everything that
had occurred that day, she had innocently asked her mum what
dad’s best color was. Now she was pushing 22 and she badly
wanted to meet him, if he was still alive, she wanted to show him
the lady she had become and how much had happened all these
years. She wanted to tell him how strong mum had been and what
a determined hustler she was, how she finally landed a job with the William’s and their life had been nice since then, they were
staying in a two bedroom flat and mum had a small picanto car.
She wanted him to taste mum’s delicious dishes and ask him why
she got angry anytime Tarsha talked about him.It was a quarter past nine now and she was sleepy, she called
her mum to know where she was
`Mrs Davies?`
She laughed, `spoilt brat, am almost home`
`okay mum`
She was really almost home, she heard a knock on the door
barely five minutes after she dropped the call, she was surprised,
mum would never knock, she had her own key.
`who’s there?`, there was no answer
`who is it?, she was already at the door now
`it’s me`, it was a male voice but it wasn’t Victor’s, he had no
business here anyway. She heard a laugh
`open the door baby`, that was her mum’s voice,
what would mum be doing with a man, she hated men who tried
to hit on her and would never come home with them. She opened
the door, her mum was standing with a guy, a really tall one
because mum looked almost like a dwarf next to him and he was
carrying a lot of polythene bags, maybe he just helped mum
upstairs, but his outfit didn’t look like someone who would readily
help someone. She was sure his shoes were Italian.
`good evening, Tarsha`
He said when they were inside, mum was in the kitchen sorting out the bags
`good evening`, she replied `how do you know my name?`
`oh!`, he said with a tone that meant `you don’t know me`
`am Tade Williams, Oloruntade actually`, he was smiling
obviously now, he felt so good saying his name, she noticed.
`oh…hi`, meaning you’re the one my mum works for in her context.

`hmmmn, you’ve met Tade`, mum said coming out of the kitchen,
`she’s just as pretty as I am, isn’t she?`, Tarsha gave her mum a
`why would you say that look`
`yeah, she sure is`, he answered.
Now Tarsha was uncomfortable, what was mum trying to do and
what was this guy up to?, to some extent she could answer both
questions but that depends on whatever they actually meant.
Some minutes later Tade left after her mum had made sure he
drank hot chocolate and he already knew enough about her, he
just couldn’t stop bugging her with questions, she was sitting
directly to her mum who had been grinning at her the whole time.
`mum, can you just say what’s on your mind and stop looking at
me like that.`
`come on baby, I have nothing to say`
But she kept smiling and making this teasing gestures
To be continued.

Written by:
Grace Olabanji

Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus is a Food scientist and an Art enthusiast. Her desire is to give a listening ear to people and to give an opportunity for everyone to be heard. Has any one told you that you are special? Yes, you are. You were beautifully designed, you are relevant to this generation and very special to me. Connect with me on LinkedIn

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