Mum continued teasing her when she came back, she even told Tarsha his full name `Oluwafemi Williams`, funny how they all had the same surname. Tarsha always thought it was planned but they had actually met at the different points in their life and the main connection were their last names. `He gave me his business card mum` Tarsha said with triumph in her voice, Mrs Martins expression was expected `he said I should come see him, concerning the job` Tarsha continued `then you should lose some weight` her mum replied, Tarsha was shocked, she took a good look at herself to be sure of what she was about to say. `mummy! Which weight again? Am perfect like this` she was almost sorry `will you keep quiet` Mrs Martins ordered, `so I do not know what am saying abi, oya swing your arm and see if you would not see fat dangling`
`Ahn ahn, mummy! Which fat? Am okay like this oo` Tarsha replied, her mum’s face compelled her to actually swing her arm and surprisingly there was fat dangling to the sides at her swing `but mummy, this weight is okay for my age oo` she continued `you have to see the women around him, you don’t even stand a chance` her mum answered `ehn, he will have to take me as I am` Tarsha said to console herself, the fat that actually dangled made her worried, her mum laughed `so you don’t want to make any effort, nawa for you oo, am sure I saw butterflies flying out of your stomach earlier` her mum said in an annoyingly funny way and Tarsha could not help but laugh. `okay mum, I will go to the gym` she finally gave in `That is what am talking about, good girl, so when are you going to see him?` Mrs Martins asked, `next week, Monday exactly` Tarsha answered `okay, good night my love` her mum said with a kiss `sleep well mama`
Mum was still sleeping when Tarsha woke up, she had planned to go to the gym early this morning, she was really worried about the fat dangling around her arm and the fact that mum said she did not stand a chance with the only man who made her feel butterflies in her stomach since her break up with Victor. She thought about Femi through the night and had even dreamt about them cuddling. She finished dressing up and could not stop feeling fat even in the tight gym clothes, thanks to mum, she was already awake when Tarsha was about leaving and even gave her the car keys, that happens very rarely.
She picked Temmy, her best friend on her way, she was actually the one who needed to lose weight but Temmy was not in any way bothered, she only agreed to come along because it was a free Saturday for her, her fiancé Dotun, really liked her that way, he was the manager of the gym they were going to, so ironic. Dotun was more surprised to see Temmy than he was to see her, he even complained about Tarsha not stressing and tried to talk her out of it but her drive was about the dream where Femi cuddled her, she really wanted it to happen. She looked funny on the treadmill, she could not even remember if she was ever on one, thanks to Dotun, she could have slipped a couple times. Just ten minutes later, she was frustrated already and wanted to go home, she sat on one of the weight lifting chairs facing the window, she wondered how fat people could cope with running like that for long.
`sorry excuse me?` a male voice said from behind her, it sounded really hoarse `yeah?` Tarsha replied looking back to find the voice, it really matched the body she saw, and the body was sweating a lot with a bottle of water in it’s left hand and it’s right hand was on the waist` his sweat had formed a perfect six pack shape on his stomach, Tarsha spent some moments trying to decipher if it was the clothe’s design or actually his sweat. `you lifting the weight?` he asked `no…am not` she replied biting a lower lip, God! He is sexy! `oh yeah, I need to sit down` he continued `yeah sure` Tarsha said standing up, slowly enough to assess him from his feet up, `well done` she added, actually meaning it, he just smiled and sat down to his business. She could not wait to tell Temmy, who was sitting on the tread mill and looked like she had lost all the weight in the world.
`Hey babe, you good?` Tarsha asked sarcastically, Temmy smiled and made a fake gesture of being really tired `I just want to go home` she answered, they both laughed, `right, we will` Tarsha assured `look over there` she continued pointing to the guy lifting the weight `hmmn` temmy said lifting an eyebrow `so hot!` she continued. `hello ladies!` Dotun said from behind them, `everything alright?` he asked following the direction of Tarsha’s eyes `oh…` he continued `that’s Oluwatobi Williams` he said turning Temmy’s gaze to his and giving her a kiss. `really?` Tarsha said rhetorically. She kept watching the rhythm of his muscles throughout the remaining time she spent there. She and temmy could not stop talking about him until they parted. Tarsha decided she was not going to tell mum, there had been enough William’s talk in the house for some time now. She had met three of them within such short period, the rest of her thoughts were focused on who the last William was going to be. It was literally a good day until Victor called her during supper. `good night mum` Tarsha said with a kiss and went inside her room.
To be continued

Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus
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