Her mum left before she woke up, it was about a quarter past eight. She didn’t have any plan for the day yet, she had spent most of her night uploading her CV to various job links she came across. It was early in the morning but she felt tired, surprisingly there was breakfast waiting for her, mum had stopped cooking specially for her since she was sixteen, so there was definitely something behind the sumptuous looking akara and ogi which was already drowning in milk.
She sat to eat and noticed a small neatly folded paper just beside the bowl of akara,
`ehn ehn`, she said aloud. Mum would never be this nice without a reason, the card read
`hey sweetie, slept great? Make sure to eat well, mum loves you *kisses*` she smiled, but that wasn’t all, there was a little scribbling at the foot of the note *there’s something important you have to do for me*
`hmmmn, mama tee, I thought as much`
She finished eating and did some laundry, called her mum to find out what it was.
`I need you to get groceries for me baby, for us and also for work, am so sorry to bother you` mum said.
Tarsha felt reluctant but managed to get dressed up, she became self conscious for no definite reason and kept on changing clothes till she finally wore a grey body con dress, and she did look sexy.
It was as if she’d never been to the market before, it felt so absurd to her and she wasn’t really feeling herself, she had to carry a lot of bags since she didn’t have a car of her own then she remembered Tade and tried to put herself in his shoes while carrying those bags, it felt tiring. She had to go to the William’s mansion first to drop theirs, it wasn’t her first time but she felt so uncomfortable today. It couldn’t be that time of the month, could it?
The house looked as elegant as always, her first time was when mum first landed the job, she was in 200 level then, mum wanted her to know where she worked, but she didn’t see anyone of the William’s, they weren’t around that day and now she wished they weren’t too. She looked ridiculous carrying those bags and she was sure all her powder had filtered out already from walking to and fro in the sun at the market.
The main building which consisted of four living rooms, a kitchen, a dining room, a gym and a really nice front porch, was about 500m from the gate of the house, mum had told her to go through the back door of the kitchen but she had also said there’ll be someone to help her at the gate, and there was no one. The silly gateman knew she was coming apparently and just kept busy chewing sugar cane with no care in the world while she walked past him.
`let me help you`, a masculine voice said from behind her, that phrase brought relief, mum didn’t lie though, she thought, she turned around to hand over the bags but she was shocked at who she saw, the first thing she could think of was if the outlines of her pant were obvious.
`come on…` he said urging her, his voice was awakening something in her but she couldn’t place what it was, it brought her back to reality, he collected all the bags and headed for the door.
God! He was fine!, too fine, he was wearing multicolored shorts that really emphasized how hairy his legs were with a black tshirt that stood as firmly as an oil stain on his shoulders, broad enough to carry the weight of this world, she smiled at that thought and followed quietly behind. It hurt that she couldn’t utter any word to him.
He was already leaving the kitchen when she entered, he shot her a little smile and left, all the self consciousness came rushing back, she just stared.
`tarsha?, you okay?`
`yeah am fine mum, how are you`
`hmmmn, this one you’re already blushing, thought you didn’t want to have anything to do with them`
`I still don’t`
Mrs davies sneered, `that’s one of them, Femi, he’s the sweetest`
Tarsha felt dejected but brightened up almost immediately when she remembered he smiled at her. She helped mum sort out the bags and fantasized about how walking across a beach holding hands will feel. She kept asking questions about him from her mum, she could be annoyingly inquisitive and she stopped when mum told her to ask him herself. She was finally on her way home after mum had practically shoved a vegetable burger down her throat. Mum was like that, obsessed with food, anytime, anywhere, she just wanted you to eat something.
She saw him again at the gate, he was in his car, a big one, an Honda product but she didn’t know which one specifically. She could talk this time around, the burger must have done some magic on her throat because she sounded sweet to herself when she said yes to him, he offered to take her home.
`so mum told me you were looking for a job` he said during the drive, his baritone was spiced with a little sweetness when he talked, it sounded commanding and soothing at the same time. She felt bad for having refused to come see him in the first place, but she did not know it was him and she was more concerned with the fact that he called her mother `mum`
`well that’s a good place to start, she thought to herself,
`yeah I am` she replied
`so why did you not come see me` he asked
`I have been really busy with stuff` Tarsha answered with guilt in her voice, he smiled when she said that, and it was so beautiful.
`so when are you coming` he continued handing her a copy of his business card. There were horses in her stomach at that point and she was sure they would not trip. She tried so well to hide her happiness and ended up saying `soon` lifting one eyebrow.
He helped her take the bags upstairs when they got home and said bye in the sweetest tone ever, for the first time in a long time, she completely forgot about her ex, Victor.
To be continued.
Written by
Grace Olabanji

Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus is a Food scientist and an Art enthusiast. Her desire is to give a listening ear to people and to give an opportunity for everyone to be heard. Has any one told you that you are special? Yes, you are. You were beautifully designed, you are relevant to this generation and very special to me. Connect with me on LinkedIn

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