PDP senator condemned giving to the poor.
We all need to be very factual in this country, I’m beginning to get worried for Nigeria more and more by the day! The attitude of our people is really becoming alarming on the negative side. Imagine a senator spitting out rubbish from his mouth.

We got this information from a reliable source and it says

“I was shocked to my bone marrow, when I read that a serving Senator speaking through his Aide, wrote that it is wrong for an elected Representative to give out his earnings to the poor. If this is the kind of mentality the outgoing Senator has, then there is a problem! Little wonder he is being probed for fraudulent activities . That statement depicts a scary level of greed and selfishness, especially when it is coming from someone who feeds on the nation’s money. It shows how much he wants to grab everything to himself. Our people deserve the best. Anioma Nation cannot continue with a man who has no mercy for the widows and needy around him. We can’t continue with someone who sees charitable acts as a ‘crime’. We can’t continue with a man who sees it as foul play, when the poor are to be uplifted. Our people need Hon. Ned Nwoko to liberate them from the shackles of this kind of mentality. We need men who are sympathetic and have human feelings”

Temi Badmus

Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus
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